Friday, April 29, 2016

The Last 10 Yards

(Written Monday, April 25, 2016)

Hi everybody,

Here we are, the last quarter of the game, the final play to determine the score, the last ten yards 'til the touchdown and boy do I feel the pressure. It's been a crazy journey with ups and downs, but I made it to this very play. I love talking in football terms because it always reminds me of my dad. We got to watch meet the Mormons as a ward activity this week and believe it or not I started tearing up at the football part because I thought of dad, I'm such a wuss. I've just become even more sentimental as a missionary. It's such a great movie though.

I had a good week, it's officially started hitting me, though, so that's weird, but this next week miracles will happen every day! I have been praying so hard. The allergy came back really bad his week, but I waited to take my third round of steroids until today so that it would last me until the end of my mission and I wouldn't feel sick traveling. The sick eyes are back but won't be here for long. We did three exchanges this week and got really close with all of our sisters, I became great friends with Sister Sandoval who I really didn't know and hadn't served around, but she's incredible and we saw some great miracles when we taught a girl named Ariana who said she wanted to be married in a church so her family could have a solid foundation. We were teaching the restoration, but segued into temples and how we can be with our family for time and all eternity rather than til death do us part. She loved it and wants to be baptized and she's only sixteen! Woah!

We saw another miracle where a member canceled an hour before a really important lesson so we were frantically texting people and the only one who could help was a lady by the name of Sister Alberti who just moved back into our ward. As we taught part of the restoration to Machelle, Sister Alberti kept sharing things and we realized that Heavenly Father had orchestrated everything to demonstrate his love for Machelle. They both had similar religious backgrounds, health issues and current life situations and trials and it just spoke so much to me that Machelle is a golden, precious spirit daughter of God and he wanted her to know. I love miracles like this.

We also had a lesson with a woman named Tiara who we haven't been able to catch recently, but her husband (who doesn't really believe in organized religion) sat in on the restoration lesson and seemed interested, as we explained the priesthood authority, it made sense to him and we really taught to their needs, he seemed very intrigued by the Book of Mormon and by the spirit that was there and we are going back to teach them tonight. It's going to be so cool.

Heavenly Father truly does answer prayers and show us incredible miracles and blessings. I love this gospel, I love my Savior Jesus Christ, I love being one of his representatives with the authority to teach others in His place. This is the greatest blessing of my life thus far and it truly has changed me. I'll never look at Vegas the same again. It's holy ground for me. I love it here. It's time to give it my all, sprint to the finish and see miracles daily and then collapse on my bed when I get home. Now is the time to perform our labors, rest later.

I love you all and will see many of you soon, but until then, I'm running for miracles.
Love you all so much,
Sister Nelson

Since I've been fighting this awful eye thing, I don't have other pictures.... So just look at this pretty picture someone drew of Jesus, I always love seeing him smile. I know he's happy.
 Also, this is me and sister Sandoval being crazy.

I'll take lots of pictures this week I promise. Love you all!

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