3rd Transfer Photos

This was the morning of transfers
Mom, I know that you would look at this and say the contrast is so good! It really was so pretty!
I said goodbye to Sister Defreitas as my momma and received my new companion Sister Hutchinson.
I got this picture from Sister D. We tried to recreate our Cmas Picture on our last day together because I am not a baby anymore and I have grown up and don't need to be trained now!
My new companion,, Sister Hutchinson, is sitting behind Sister D. and Sister D's new companion is sitting behind me and her name is Sister Area.
I got to be reunited with my mom for a day and that was really nice!
She came back to work in the area with me for an exchange!
The pink planner is my last planner from February
The new yellow and turquoise one is for this transfer, which hits Easter! I am really pleased with it!
Enjoy these pictures of the strip!
This is the only building (besides the strip) that looks familiar to me. When I visited here, this South Pointe Hotel has the only Steak 'N' Shake in the west that I know of so I had to go to it! Also, this is in the Elder's area for our branch which is why we can go near it because we have members that live over there! Pretty cool.
Me and my new companion, Sister Hutchinson
This was a really beautiful sunset that this picture just doesn't do justice! But I tried.
The pictures here are me and my new district at In & Out, all you people out east know that the west is missing out because Steak 'N' Shake is way better.
Being silly at District Lunch at In & Out which for the record is no where near as good as Steak 'N' Shake
Me with my first taste of sushi from the restaurant Pei Wei. the same day (I don't wear the same outfit two days in a row, this is the same day as In 'N Out)
And just so you know that I actually tried it and ate it, it was good and I didn't die.
Because you have to take pictures with hippie vans, also, notice the bag! It is fabulous!
The 80's party that we stopped in on for like 10 minutes, and then left because it wasn't exactly a missionary hang out.
I got to use my softball skills to annihilate a pinata this week.
From the woman's night we attended!
The ward party for a farewell for Martin Caballero! It was so nice :)
My artistic shot of the first chipmunk I have seen here.
And this was just creepy and I don't know what was going on here haha.
This reminded me of those hooded figures in the desert in Star Wars, I forget what they are called.
 But this just amused me so much haha
Beautiful Cactus, artfully composed from the car.
Sister Hutchinson's mom sent us giant Easter bunnies! YES
I made a split decision last PDay to get my bangs back and well, so far so good, they were cut the best they ever have been and I love them, it's just going to get really hot really fast, but now we are twinners :)
Sometimes, you just have weird days as a missionary and you have to bust out the mustaches....
Missionaries can be cool too. (kinda bummed this is blurry though)
My sweet companion driving our car like a champion
We had to send pictures from this morning, because we look fabulous today!
We had to send pictures from this morning, because we look fabulous today!
This Sunday, I got to see all six of our investigators at church!  
I cleaned out a cat lady's house for service this week and it made me really never want to have like more than 2 cats ever.
WOOOH, my district, helping people move!
This picture shows how scared I was that they might have to do blood work at urgent care, thankfully they didn't.
This picture shows you that I'm actually doing much better now, so don't worry! Love you :)
Driving with Sister Hutchinson
Someone is a boss, once again it's blurry but this license plate is fabulous.
I know this is blurry but his jacket says soldiers for Jesus and I just thought it was sweet.  How funny!
Mom, this one is mainly for you, this house was so pretty, a little unkempt because it's kinda hectic but they had so many pretty flowers and it made me think of you!
This is "The Club" that I talked about a long time ago, the gated community and everything. crazy.
The Sweet Lopez family that I was so sad to say bye to!
This is Carlitos Lopez, he is five and so precious. He loves legos and playing with me and I feel like he's just a teeny young little brother to me! I'm gonna miss him!
Also, We  made the cupcakes Ash, thanks! They are tasty and we gave some to our 12 year old investigator, Mariyah for her birthday this week!
Gabe sent me more hello kitty things! Look at this cup! Such a happy camper :)
Also, selfie Sunday...my hair went flat right after this so I had to document the work I put into it.
My old desk in my old apartment before I left

The final set up of my bed before I left my old area
Gaby and Jorge, they were so sad to see me go, but they are getting baptized on May 2 at 6pm with their son, Alejandro and I couldn't be more excited! I will get to see this family go through the temple someday and it feels so special to me!
This was the sign I made (that blew away...) that says welcome sister

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