Friday, April 29, 2016

It's Raining, It's Pouring

(Written Monday, April 11, 2016)

Hello my wonderful family and friends,

It's been raining and super cold (aka 57 degrees-which is super cold for us folk out in Nevada) so we broke out the boots (which turns out have been worn so much they have holes in them and are kinda good for nothing without duct tape, trust me I am so classy) and the big puffy coat and have been running through the rain sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world.

One night in particular I wasn't prepared and was working with one of our leaders in the Warmsprings area south of here and only had a thin jacket and my black flats, well it was pouring and we just laughed and ran through it knocking on all these doors in this apartment complex to find people at home. It was so fun, it was a little chilly, but when will I ever get to do that again as a missionary for such a worthy cause. By the end, my shoes were so soaked that they were really heavy and every step I took made a sloshing sound. But it was neat. I am reminded of a video that we've been sharing with people called "A shower of Heavenly Blessings" by President Uchtdorf that talks about rain in a positive way. The rain is God's blessings for us but when we out up our umbrellas we are preventing ourselves from receiving that joy. When we keep the commandments and do all we can to love and serve the Lord, we are more happy and love the rain. That's how I felt running through the rain, it didn't make sense, but it was such a joy. I love that the gospel brings joy.

In other news, my face is no longer swollen and awful looking, I'm normal again so this week was so much better, we worked super hard and saw amazing, simple miracles. I'm looking at every moment as so precious now because this doesn't last forever and I'm doing things right now that I'll probably never have a reason to do again. Like enter people's homes and hear their whole life story and find out they are a custom embroiderer and met the prophet once. Just random things that are so special because this is all we do, we don't have distractions of the world in the way and we are just loving and serving God's children. It's so simple and profound and beautiful.

I love being a missionary with all my heart, I love having good health so I can run to the end and not faint or be weary and I love my elder brother, Jesus Christ who has taken this journey with me the whole time and is bringing me full circle to show me all of the wonderful things that I've learned and how much more full of joy and love our lives are when we reach out to others.

I love you all so much! May god bless you this week to see the positive in any particularly negative moment and may you feel his love!
Sister Nelson

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