Friday, April 29, 2016

There Can Be Miracles

(Written Monday, March 7, 2016)

Hello wonderful family and friends,

This week was a week of miracles, every day goes by so quickly it's hard to remember it all but when we get a chance to sit down and email and reflect on the week, there are so many blessings that the Lord gives us daily. Let me share some of these miracles with you.

The picture below was Erica on her baptism day this past Saturday, it was a cray day and the baptism was on and off a couple times the days leading up to it because Satan was working really hard on her emotions. We were able to sit on the temple grounds and feel the peace there and have a really great talk that ultimately lead her to firmly desiring to be baptized and look how happy she was. She's a great woman and we love her so much. It was a great day.

Another miracle, not in the pictures below was that we've been working with a less active family who, after a couple visits really desires to go be sealed as a family in the temple. They just needed to know they were loved and thought of. I love going to their house because the spirit is there and I know that the work that we're doing there is just as important. We saw our work pay off when the family was at church yesterday. They haven't been in a long time and they haven't been regularly coming in even longer, but to see them there warmed my heart. I know that we can get them to the temple and the Lord is pleased with our work. I know we are here to teach them.

Also while at church, our sweet little eight year old investigator Keyana was sitting next to me and she asked me if I'd go and share my testimony for her and so I got up to do it. I am so grateful for her faith because she's such a wonderful example to me. Two Sunday's ago her cousin wanted to come to church with her but his mom wouldn't let him, we said that we should say a prayer and so Keyana said it and they went and asked and his mom said he could. He loved church and primary and he said afterwards, "Sister Nelson, I want to get baptized too." We also had another experience with Keyana where we lost our car key in their yard and it was dark and we couldn't find it.   Keyana was the first one to think of saying a prayer and not two minutes after she said it her brother found our key. She now has such a strong testimony of prayer and mine has grown by seeing faith filled prayers answered. I love that sweet girl. We also got to drive up to the temple and show her how to use a free program for anyone in the world to find their ancestors and find stories and photos and records about them. It was great fun and she felt the peace there as we walked around.
Last but not least, I got to spend some quality time with one of my favorite people, Sister Navarro on exchanges, we were able to talk about life and the mission and since we go home together, we got to chat about the future a bit. She's so great and it was fun. I know the last picture makes us look so ugly, but we are tired and worn out but most of all happy in the service of the Lord and I will take that tired and happy any day. (And yes mom, that is mace on my keychain, we are so safe).

I love this gospel, every moment is precious. Reach out to those who's hands hang down this week, visit the people on your home teaching or visiting teaching route, every time we reach out, our life becomes richer, Ive seen it time and time again as a missionary and oh it is wonderful to me.
Love you all,
Sister Nelson

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