9th Transfer Photos

What a beautiful place this is as you can see from all the pictures I got this week!
What a beautiful place this is!
It reminds me of home so much aside from the mountains.
Tucked away in the mountains!
My first day when our ghetto car's sun visor broke and almost hit me in the face.
This is john, one of our awesome investigators here, he's so sweet!

And of course me and Sister Navarro happy as ever this morning!
This is my house, just call me the girl with the mullet -_-
Our kitchen! Isn't it beautiful?!
My little space where I get ready each morning. Still moving in but the garland says merry Christmas! I'm getting ready :) only downside is there is only one bathroom but we make it work.
Desks, mine is on the left, still need to unpack.
The crazy things people say, so funny! We have to update it!
The vision that our zone has right now is called #ONE MORE towards the wall of sustainability. We are building a wall of baptisms and helping ourselves continue to be effective by finding new people to teach.
As you see in the pictures below, the gold brick is won by our zone when they are finding new people to teach, and the light saber is our finding method.
I also got to go on exchanges in one of the other sisters' areas! It was super cool. I was with Sister Brown and she's a great missionary!
This is me petting a horse, I look like I am balding, but it was just the way my hair was blowing in the wind. this is when I was on exchanges, isn't that beautiful!
During exchanges, we were helping this lady make signs for her missionary who is coming home today. Talk about trunky! But we did a good job, it's not finished, but it looks nice. 
So this is one of my crazy deep trainings that I gave. It wasn't super prepared, I taught by the spirit, but it was really cool!
I found Santa
I found the big kahuna!!!!
Giant ice cream cone down town!
There are so many cute things down in Boulder,
it reminds me of Nashville, it's so cool here!

I bought this dress in a thrift store here for 6 bucks! It's so cute!
I found this dress in another one. I want to wear it.
I love this dress too!
Me and my cute companion!
Me and my cute companion
Sister Mere is from South Africa
This was a beautiful sunset here!
The lake up here!
The scenery
The scenery
Me driving
Thanksgiving at the Montgomery house
Thanksgiving at the Montgomery house
Thanksgiving at the Montgomery house
More from the Montgomery house
Us on thanksgiving waiting to serve homeless people when we found out that they sent us to the wrong place 😑
We laughed cause this looked super apostate and like it was a date, especially with the background writing but they fed us while we did service feeding the homeless and we had to document it! So funny... Also, I'm too fat for any of my jeans now so they made fun of me because I wore sweats....
But I borrowed someone's jeans for our adventures today so I could take Christmas pics!
Look, this kid named his belly Billy,
and I told him that is my brother's name
and so he took a picture with me,
his name is Calvin and he's 8.
This is Terri, she has cowboy hats
and she's a recent convert
This is literally someone's front yard. Hoosier lawn art exists out here too.
Christmas lights :)
This is an old car we saw in someone's garage
We found a boulder license plate! YEAH
Us being crazy with the other elders that are in Boulder. 
Their names are Elder Hayes (sitting behind me) and Elder Jarvis (sitting behind sister Navarro)
There are only four of us serving out here, so we have to ride into town together all the time.
We went to an A&W place here, just like home!
This is John, our other cool investigator. We were being silly at McDonalds.

I met the author of the Fourth Missionary
Talk, Elder Corbridge of the 70,
the kid next to him is Christian,
he always comes out with us and is about
to leave for his mission in Brazil this month
Sometimes, I just like to be a cat...

NELSON EXISTS!!!!!!! it's a population of 30!
Werly Mines
Things around Werly Mine
Things around Werly Mine 7up

Things around the Werly mine place
Things around the Werly mine place
Things around the Werly mine place
Things around the Werly mine place
Werly Mine
Brother Werly, our guide
The Tour
The Mine
Our district in the cave
Us with the sisters in our district
The guide pointed out that one of the quartz deposits looks like Nevada, so that's where I am ;)
The Cave
Inside Werly mines
Inside Werly mines
Our District in front of a plane that Hollywood blew up on the Werly Mine Property

Me and my companion
Me and my companion today at the Werly Mines place :)
U`s inside a giant canister thing on the property
Photo shoots
Photo Shoots
Me and my compie - Merry Christmas
Me and Compie, possibly will be the Christmas card this year!

da crew from Boulder City
da crew from Boulder City
THE QUAD as we call ourselves.
THE QUAD as we call ourselves.
We thought we should probably make a band after the mission. We would be so cool ;)
Band Pictures
Band Pictures
More Band Pictures at the Old School Bus
Us in front of our favorite color and our favorite car :)
We are so cool ;)
We had a great time!
Us being crazy on a motorcycle
My companion and I are cute!
The elders made fun of my face and hair here, so rude but whatever we are crazy!
See I told you that they are mean and made fun of my face, they made me their background for two seconds... How rude.
They think they are funny!
Handmade intricate wooden dolls depicting the Savior's birth, they had music playing and free hot chocolate and a guestbook and it was beautiful!
They even had a running waterfall! It's so beautiful!
Also, this is a picture that my companion
took of me without me knowing,
good thing I'm pretty right?! lulllz
Dalmatian decorated fire hydrants!

I think this clock is so pretty!
I want one when I get married but modernized!
That nightime grind though
I love this lady's Cmas decorations, they look just like they are from pinterest.
"Santa" came and visited the missionaries.
Us with Santa, I can't believe I took this picture last year, so weird!
The girl in the black shirt got baptized and she was in my first area a year ago
At the baptism of a lady I taught over a year ago! I was so happy to go back to my first area and see her get baptized and I even remembered Spanish!

Also, Christian, our great member, is leaving for his mission on Tuesday.  He's gonna be great, he's going to Brazil!
Also, the squad pic is us at the dam, it was so fun!
The quad before anyone else got to the dam!
Me and Sister Navarro at the dam
Us at Boulder Dam
The Boulder Dam
The dam
The dam bridge... haha see what I did there?

We got to go to a part of the dam that no other tours are allowed to do. It was super cool.
Us in the golden elevator room
The crazy Christmas lights
The lights at that crazy house
Happy Birthday Jesus.... lulz
Our Christmas

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