Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A New Year

(Written Monday, January 4, 2016)

Howdy Everyone!

I hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year! My companion started getting sick New Year's Eve and we had to be in by 6 pm for safety reasons anyways so she tried to rest up, but we both pretty much got sick and weren't able to do much this week. We brought in the new year being two sickies!

Nevertheless, some cool miracles have occurred that I'd like to tell you about. Sometimes (more so recently) I feel like my emails have lacked substance of miracles and things that I've seen and I apologize for that so it's one of my goals to do better for the last leg of my mission. So two big miracles. We have a member family who has been working with a young 12 year old named Eliza and they said they were going to bring her to church and then we'd be able to teach her. We ended up going to one of our investigator's houses on Saturday night to teach him a lesson and came to find out that he was her uncle and she was there. She became a new investigator and can't wait to be baptized on the 30th! She is such a joy to be teaching. We feel very privileged.

Another miracle was being led by the spirit without realizing it. We were driving around one of our lesser proselyted areas trying to figure out where we should go to knock on doors. We were a couple streets down the mountain but looked up and saw a street of white houses and I just felt like we needed to get to them. We figured out where they were and parked at the bottom of the hill and started knocking on doors. The first house was dark, but through the window I saw a man sitting on a couch, he got up, but never came to the door. We ended up leaving our card in his door and every other door that opened was very rude and not interested. I felt a little discouraged but felt like we had at least done our job. Later we got a phone call (we came to find out that it was the guy in the first house on the street, but to start with he wouldn't tell us exactly where he lived) he kept calling us and asking us things about the church and has been through some hard challenges. Ultimately, we got him to meet us and a member at the park and our member was perfect for him sharing his conversion story and it really helped Rocky to feel God's love. He has lots of potential and I really hope we get to keep teaching him. We are teaching him tonight so I'm excited to let you all know what happens.

Many good things are coming for this new year, our mission vision focuses on helping members be more involved with the work and doing their part to have missionary and spiritual experiences and I'm excited to apply that to my area, but also to myself and family when I get home so we can really help the missionaries in Indiana out. My invitation to you all this week is to set spiritual goals for yourself in the new year. We come up with a slew of temporal ones, but drawing closer to Christ is something we can seek out every year and also the spiritual things are the only things we can take with us. May this be the best year yet and may you feel closer to the Savior than ever. May you feel his love throughout this year! I have a feeling lots of good things will happen this year!

Love you all,
Sister Nelson

PS: These pictures are from more adventures downtown last week!
Boulder City has my heart! I love aliens and the Blues Brothers :)

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