2nd Transfer Photos

This is Batman, his real name is Adrienne! He is so cute! We love him!
ASHLEY! THIS IS CRAZY! Did you know a Elder James and Sister Mary Lyman in South Africa?! He was the doctor and they live here and we had dinner with them the other night and it blew my mind! How awesome is that? If you know them, this will be the craziest small world ever!

*Note from Ashley - I also had dinner with Elder and Sister Lyman on my mission in South Africa!
This is a super rich family that lives in the gated community and their dog, Bonita, which means beautiful in Spanish!
This couch was so comfy! 
This is a beautiful mountain and sunset that I saw the other night when we went to a fireside!
This is me and my cute Compie this morning before we got ready! I love Sister Defreitas!
We visit an older lady who crochets these giant blankets and she taught us how to make the pretty flowers in the picture below. It was super tedious, but I made that one with her help! Isn't it pretty?
As a companionship, Sister Defreitas and I have been making fun activities to teach the gospel to families that have little kids and short attention spans.
Memorial for sweet Gloria, She will be missed, but I love the knowledge that we have about the plan of Salvation :)
Also, since my cheeks have so much fat in them these days, my companion just loves to squeeze them all the time... it kinda feels good though so I guess it's okay.
(feel free to post these on the blog, they are pretty funny even though I don't look super attractive)
Dumpster diving for boxes to build a boat. 
We had an Family Home Evening activity night at the Lopez house with Leticia and her family and we told the story from
1 Nephi 18 and 19 where they built the boat and sailed to the promised land! It was so much fun! I love this FHE Idea!
This is the new house that we moved Leticia's family into after nine hours, this was almost everything!
This is the whole family, minus the grandma and Kamila the little one year old. We love them so much!
This is me and Vicky! She calls us "manas" because she can't say hermana (meaning sister) she is so cute and loves us so much! She was about to eat cereal while we were there and she says wait manas and folded her arms and wanted us to say a prayer with her! So cute! She says prayers so cute :)

We had some times that were hard this week, but also so much help and blessings and we have an incredible week that lies ahead!
This is me and my companion in the morning after working out! Do you like our festive decorations ;)
This is my sunburned face at the BBQ on Saturday. Also, this is one of the Mexican shirts that I got in Mexico!
Isn't it pretty?!
Me and my beautiful companion at the BBQ!  We have so much fun with everyone and my face is a little pinker than normal.
The weather was perfect for our activity that my companion and I planned!  We had a BBQ with everyone from church and the people that we are teaching and with people who haven't been to church in a while so that we can help everyone make friends and do fun stuff.
There were like 50 kids there and we made Nephi's boat from the Book of Mormon that helped them cross to the promised land (the Americas) and the kids loved it!
This is the Lopez family! They are like our parents of the branch. Sister Lopez calls us her princesas which means princesses! They cook for us all the time and always come out with us and fellowship our investigators and have life talks with us. Brother Lopez also was joking about having to be a greeter at Walmart when he retires and how he doesn't want to do that and it was so funny because it reminded me of you dad! I love you guys!
This is my chapel! It is also the mission office. I took this while we were driving so that's why it's not super good!
This is the Yoda that we got from the elder's apartment that we were cleaning out! Check this champion out! This thing is sweet! Dad I thought you would appreciate this as well!
The battle of Woody continues, the Elders returned him on the dash of our car after a dinner appointment with their GPS so we could look an address up.
Our revenge back to the elders with Woody ;) We are clever!
Mom, the Valentine's package was soooo great! I can't thank you enough! That blanket is the best thing ever! I study with it every morning and the cookies were sooo good :) Thank you for everything! I love you so much! Everything was perfect!
This is Tomas and JR! We love teaching them! They are so cute :)
When Karen hands you lemons from her lemon tree, make lemon bars and share them with her.
She is teaching us Spanish on the side, right now she is not an investigator, but she is learning a lot about the church by reading through our church language material with us ;)
This is a family from Exchanges! Tawny and her two boys are on the left.  Tawny just got baptized and her boys are about to! The other family is the Bradshaws and they are a powerhouse family! Holy cow! The little boys know so much about the church and were so well behaved.  They shared their cute testimonies with this family! They are awesome!
This is Miriam, the elder's investigator (on the left) She just got baptized this Saturday and the spirit was there very strong and it was so beautiful to be there to support her. I played the piano (badly, but tried) and we love her so much! It was great :)
This is "Tio" which means Uncle but his real name is Amado which means Beloved! He is the brother to Zenaida Martinez, the woman sitting down. And the woman next to my companion is Nadia, Zenaida's granddaughter. Zenaida converted years ago and now Tio and Nadia are going to convert all because of her faithfulness! It is so amazing and I am so grateful for her example. Tio reminds me of a Mexican version of you dad! He is so sweet and likes to give us a hard time and joke with us. He's 60 and never had kids or got married. He's a great guy so that made us sad so he has adopted us :) I am well taken care of out here! They are a wonderful family!
Views from the short hike we went on for our exercise today!
More views of the hike
This picture is of us this morning on a morning hike! I think this is probably the coolest picture I have taken on my mission thus far. I love it! Hello Sun :)
We bought the props and made our own background and had fun this morning. Happy Valentine's Day
We have so many silly pictures but I am only sending this one and one in the group email! I am glad we are fun together haha!
My current group of missionaries that I have been working with in this area.
More pictures from another hike we went on this week in the morning.
When the Mission gives you lemons, make Lemon Bars! Karen, one of our investigator's friends, gave us like 20 lemons from her tree so my compie made yummy yummy lemon bars and I got to squeeze all the lemons! It was awesome!
Morning Sports with all the people in our Zone (well a lot of them)
 (some of the elders were trying to be the backstreet boys haha)
I played tennis this morning with a frying pan (like tangled) because we didn't have enough rackets and it actually worked and was awesome and way fun!  Thanks for the headband mom! It saves my ears in the mornings!
Me and my cute "mom" on our way home from morning sports!
Me laughing and driving, I don't remember what sister D. said, but it was so funny that I died a little bit!
This was Elder Anderson's Birthday and we made him face plant his cake. It was funny
This is Juliana, she is a less active that we are trying to bring back and her kids are so cute!
This is the Gomez family, we had an Family Home Evening with them last night and did a cool activity with surf boards and how our surf boards are the core things that we know to be true in the gospel and how we hold on to them through hard times.
Some of the people from our zone when we received the news about transfers and who was going where.
( I will be staying here with a new companion named Hermana Hutchinson.
Sister Defreitas is going north east of here to be a Sister Training Leader.)
NELLY CAME TO CHURCH! She is our sweet investigator!
This is Nelly and some of the other members with us at church!
Our ward mission leader is the one on the far right, his name is Hermano Acosta and he is so nice!
Us with our sweet elders! Elder Anderson, the tall one with glasses is getting transferred too! He was our District Leader, but now he is moving up in the world to be an Zone Leader, so it will just be me and Elder Smith.
I am sad to see Sister D go, so we took a silly sad photo!
But I love her so much!

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