12th Transfer Photos

This is Amy next to me, she's preparing to get baptized really soon
and she loved walking the temple grounds with us and Domini
Nicole and Talia's baptism! It was such a special day! She's being an angel not the karate kid - just so you know haha!
This is most of our sweet Paradise/East zone! Sure will miss lots of them!
Going to miss Sister Faucette so much! Our time was too short!
We had a sisters lunch because so many of our sisters are leaving us, so we signed everybody's books and said bye. This picture just makes me smile, it was such a sunny day. I'm getting pretty tan! I love them lots!
All of us at a fireside last week
Us with Linnea who is preparing to serve a mission and comes out with us all the time, we love her!
Orange mouth
Homemade bread baby (he was so delicious!)
Traditional Japanese dinner, it was good! It made me feel connected to Dad and my friend serving in Japan and I was happy.

These are what our lessons with all the little kids look like: CRAZY!

A wonderful part-member family we're teaching
Their little girl just got baptized this Saturday, it was great.
Us today, :)
One of the highlights of the week was taking the Montez family and some of their cousins to the temple.
They picked a spot on the temple and made it their promise between each other and God that they would go through the temple and be sealed as a family for eternity someday.
It's been raining and super cold (aka 57 degrees-which is super cold for us folk out in Nevada) so we broke out the boots and the big puffy coats.
In other news, my face is no longer swollen and awful looking, I'm normal again so this week was so much better!
Our zone vision is Connect Everyone with Christ and we were on our way to a meeting with the zone leaders, Elder Jones and Elder Serranilla and saw this and had to stop, it was a sign for a Christian church and they have our same vision, so funny haha.

This is the triple zone conference that everyone went to. It was also announced here that JEFFREY R. HOLLAND MY FAVORITE APOSTLE is coming to our mission on April 29th.....woah. Right before I go home, that will be cool!
My eyes are still a little red, but not as itchy.. Just trying not to die in my final days.  But I made my first decisive decision ever when I had a crazy craving for fettuccine Alfredo so we got it and it was the best thing ever. So yummy.
Since I've been fighting this awful eye thing, I don't have other pictures.... So just look at this pretty picture someone drew of Jesus, I always love seeing him smile. I know he's happy.
This is me and sister Sandoval being crazy.
This past Friday, I got to meet and shake hands with an apostle of the Lord, who also happens to be my favorite one, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
We also got to take Keyana to stake conference where she got to meet Elder Frost from the Seventy.  
I had a distinct feeling that we needed to take her to the temple before we took her home and we had one of the best temple tours of my mission
I took all the change that I found on my mission to a Coinstar , I had $17.26 and over 400 pennies dang, it was so fun!
I took all the change that I found on my mission to a Coinstar , I had $17.26 and over 400 pennies dang, it was so fun!
Our sisters lunch

The Boulder City kids were reunited again at the mission conference
My final mission photo

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