7th Transfer Photos

Us driving!  :)
Last night we decided to go tag the park with the positive message that families can be together forever.
We are having so much fun thinking of creative ways to do missionary work.
Despite being in an English area, I still have had Mexican food . This is a Pambazo which I had never had before but they are super popular in Mexico and super delicious. I will make them when I come home.
 Our messy closet that I cleaned out
This is Elder Pienaar from South Africa.  He's one of our zone leaders and he's so funny.  This is a legit sign in one of the neighborhoods here.  Oh my gosh!
The family in the picture above got baptized this past Saturday.  Next Saturday,
the dad, Teazell, gets to baptize his son on his 8 year old birthday,
which will be so special.
Taezon Hall's baptism, now the Hall family is complete :)
Me and Taezon! He's precious and braided my hair the other night, he said I looked like Elsa from Frozen!
Look at Taezon and his little sister! They are best friends! Stake baptisms just so happened to be on Taezon's 8th birthday and his dad got to do it! How awesome :)
Mission Leadership Council
This pictures is of our Zone's Leadership, Sister Martin and I. Elder Pineaar (from South Africa on the left) and Elder Hales (from Idaho on the right)
Our zone
My planner for this transfer (just finished this week, probably my last planner because we have the area book planner app now unlocked, and good thing I made the planner this week and it's week four...way to go with no time Sister Nelson)
Sometimes Vegas is Pretty
Check out this sweet set of footies that I found in our closet. They are the comfiest thing of my life. I have worn them to bed all week! Reminds me of my childhood and the unicorn pair that I once had! Remember? They were awesome!
Giant wild bunny rabbit here in Vegas, I wanted to pick it up but we had to get to dinner. It was so friendly, though
The Fellmans have a lizard and it's really friendly!
I love pday!
Hi this is me and I'm online and I love you, please talk to me!
I had the privilege of going on exchanges with Sister Blanchard (she is basically a Sister AP in our mission).
We got to go to another zone's training conference and it was so creative what they did. They taught their trainings along the trail of a hike up a mountain and it was one of the most spiritual things I have done.
Where are you at on your hike, on your journey to better yourself?
This hike was meant to pump up their zone so they called it the Hype Hike. It certainly helped me! .
We like to make the Zone leaders really mad by getting really close to their car
Haha Suckas!
We make really good use of our time and iPads:  Beautiful Zone Leadership
Pday Sports!
We are silly boys
So Crazy story, this girl got baptized by Weston Cordier in the other ward and now she is serving a mission in my zone. Her name is Ana Lellis and she's so sweet! SMALL WORLD!

I have decided to join the air force and cease to be a missionary. View photos below for proof.
I didn't join the military. We just borrowed uniforms for a zone leadership activity to pump up our missionaries to expand their vision and talk to everyone.
This is Brother Nolin and his family and us right before the baptism
I saw Brother Nolin make the commitment to be baptized this week by his  son Matt which was so neat and all of the missionaries came back to visit him, even some that had gone home so it was super special.
This is Ryan Nolin, he's ten and we are best friends!
So you know I am alive and happy, just now.
I love this quote!

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