4th Transfer Photos

My baby <3, Hermana Stark
Eating Panda Express on our first night together
Beautiful Sunset!
It is so beautiful at night and the spirit is so strong and peaceful there at the temple.
Me at the temple, probably blurry, but it was a nice night anyways.
Angel Moroni on our Beautiful Temple
The sky this morning after our hike right by our house
Me and sister Stark, no makeup, we woke up like this.
The very beautiful temple this morning
Japan in Vegas
Of course, you can find a little piece of redneck heaven here in Vegas #Murica
Me and a giant cactus
My Compie's Planner :)
When I got to my new apartment, it's super big, but it was a mess! Dirty dishes in the sink, a million boxes on the floor, the desks were trashed, everything was gross. By the end of it all we had 8 completely full trash bags.
Our now clean living room
Our now clean kitchen, which still has a Christmas tree up.
My desk
Close-up of my new desk :)
My bedroom that I decorated
Close-up of my bed
My even bigger walk-n closet!
My even bigger bathroom!
It rained here and I was so happy, but now it is really cold, (like 65 degrees... but that's super cold for me now)
Me with sister stark in the rainstorm
My dinner that I was very proud of one night. I have become a black hole and eat so much and it's weird.
This is a text from a woman named Jackie that just got baptized. It's just funny because her signature that is sent with every text is sexylipz and this was the first text we ever got from her so we were just laughing really hard last night.
There were a million old Ensigns in my new apartment, so I went through all of them to cut out pictures for my planner and was trying to decide how to decorate it. It was a long and tedious task.  :)
This planner, I made to remind me of Indiana. I know the fireflies wont be out for a whole other transfer here, but this just made me happy. The back of my planner reminds me of Billy and I out in the treehouse on summer nights, something that I really will miss this year. I love you, Billy!
I am studying hope so the scripture on the back and the stuff on the front is for the Christlike attribute I am focusing on for these 6 weeks.
Me and sister Stark this morning, still doing great :)
We got to go to the temple again for Sister Stark because she is a new missionary.
It was a beautiful day. 
New missionary temple trip
The new missionaries
Missionaries and their trainers with President and his wife
Sister Stark and me with our mission president and his wife at the temple
At Zone Conference, we painted our hands and committed to consecrate ourselves more fully to this work because our time is so short, it was very impacting and powerful. 
Dorky bike pictures! We tried out riding bikes this week!
Don't I look like snow white today, it was an accident, but then we needed to take a picture of this beautiful accident.
Another photo of creepy Snow White trying to talk with the birds
We also celebrated Cinco de Mayo at one of our district meetings... so that was awesome.
Us with the blow up cactus from my mom.
I am trying so hard to get a picture of the cowboys here, every time it doesn't work, this is the best I got for right now.
We were able to do our first temple tour with one of our investigators and his girlfriend who is a member that wants to relearn everything. It was so incredible to see the spirit work on both of them as we walked the grounds.
At the temple with Aarika and Tomas for the first time. It was a beautiful night.
Jaime, one of our investigators came to church for the first time this week and loved how he felt and what he learned!
We had a zone conference where we were spiritually enlightened by our leaders and learned so much.
Gaby, Jorge and Alejandro all made the choice to be baptized and it was so special for me.
Photos from Gaby's baptism. It was great because I got to see Sister Defreitas, My Trainer again!
I know this family will do wonderful and great things here and their baptism will bless their lives so much!
It was wonderful to talk with my family yesterday!  My mom got to talk to all of her children on Mother's Day!

We had flowers on top of our head.
Us with our Mexican drinks!
Us with our 8 year old recent convert Veronica Last night :)
Despite this being a really poor area, there are still some random rich people that have really beautiful pools on display to the world.
black kitties are always fun to see
So I had this weird desire to kick an icecream truck because they have become really creepy and annoying to me and they are everywhere over here! I saw a parked one and we took the opportunity when no one was looking ...shhh don't tell.
Carol sent me some sunflower seeds so I bought some zinnias and a pot and dirt.  Here is their progress!
One of the most exciting parts of my day, to check on them!
My district
A beautiful picture of Nauvoo
The sisters in our zone
Our crazy zone!
Our cray zone - Part Dos
Our crazy zone - Part Tres

My interpretation of your bud picture. Reminds me of Indiana a lot, Hoosier lawn art!
More Hoosier lawn art in Nevada
Eating popsicles for dinner

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