5th Transfer Photos

This is Adrian! He is four, his grandma is a member and he became best friends with us this week! He is soooo precious :)
He wanted to take one with just me -it was precious haha!
These were my STLs from last transfer who helped me out so much, Sister Roberts on the left who just finished her mission and Sister Cook :)
This may very well be my last planner! I'm trying to study humility and trusting in the Lord this transfer!
Me and Sister Stark so y'all know we are alive and kicking!
These are the Mexican cowboys! I finally got them!
This is another Mexican cowboy! I am getting so good at snapping them really quick!
this is a homeless man that stands on the corner and waves the hand of the Raggity Anne doll at the cars passing by, it's kinda creepy...
This is a poem about marriage in Spanish, I haven't taken the time to read it yet, but it looks very cute, it's called the man and the woman and it was hanging in our members home.
This is Pepe, the one we teach that has been learning from missionaries for nearly 15 years and he bought us sombreros so that we don't have to walk in the sun, He's such a cute man!
A picture of me today so you know I am happy and alive and also because I didn't send more pictures.
We had lots of encounters with interesting animals this week!
This bird was at a less active's house and it literally posed like this when I pulled out my camera.
Cute kitty!
Lizard at the top of someone's front door! First one I have seen.
A GIANT grasshopper outside of our apartment!

It was over 100 degrees and they had this poor guy in the panda suit
Christmas in the Jungle
I know this looks like it was Photoshopped, but there was literally a TV in the middle of nowhere so obviously it was a picture opportunity!
I found my perfect car! I love Hello Kitty way too much!
A Member gave us "the Miracle of the Cereal" this week. It literally filled the back of our car, this isn't even all of it because we gave some to other missionaries!
These people didn't answer their door and we knew they were home. I noticed they had a peach tree and figured, hey, Jesus ate from random trees. So the quote of the day became "if you don't answer the door, I steal your peaches."
I still haven't eaten it though....
The Storm
Me in the crazy storm!  Dancing in the rain!
First it started as a crazy windstorm that like blew stuff into our eyes and then it poured and was awesome!
Us after the rain! craziness
The line at the church party for Culture night
The decorations we helped set up, it was so fun!
The traditional Folklorico dances and their dresses! Beautiful!
The traditional Folklorico dances and their dresses!  It was fun!
Us with the wonderful young women that did the Folklorico dances :)
Our valley wide family history fair!
We had a man come down from Salt Lake City that is in charge of Latino and Mexican records and he talked to us about our families and learning about them, which was incredible!
My Recent Converts Gaby and Jorge were there! It was so good to hear that they will be going to do baptism at that temple this Saturday.  The dad an son have the priesthood now and the son went to youth conference in Utah this past week! The parents came to do family history at our fair and they told me that Alejandro has already done so much family history work, this kid is on fire and so elect :) I am so proud of this family! They are doing great things!
We took Jaime to the documentary that some people made for our church called Meet the Mormons.
Meet the Mormons night!
They had a photo booth there so as you can see, all us missionaries took the opportunity to get a nice shot together! We are only missing two elders, but the random guy that works for cricket I guess makes up for it ;) Where did he come from?
Look it's Jaime and us :) The Photo Booth was so fun :)
Hanging our banner from the festival a week ago.
Hanging our banner from the festival a week ago.
Waiting in traffic for two hours to get to an appointment .
The wonderful giant bumper stickers of Las Vegas.
This is Jackie, one of the recent converts in this area who has such a powerful testimony and comes to lots of our lessons with us! She is great!
"I knew it was here"
The sites of an older part of Vegas!
This creepy motel with this creepy fairy.... what is life.
Hoosier lawn art in Vegas.
More of the package. 
Mom's package - Yayayaya!!
Mom's package - Yayayaya!!
4th of July cupcakes
Me being goofy with our cupcakes
Me with cupcakes. I am pretty sure we have every holiday represented in some way shape or form in our apartment. Christmas in July I guess ;)
Our cute banner that Sister Stark's mom sent to us.
On our way to go watch the fireworks from the mountain for a few minutes.
On our way to go watch the fireworks from the mountain for a few minutes.
Fireworks we tried, it didn't do it justice.
Fireworks we tried, it didn't do it justice.
We tried to do poppers at the camera, but it didn't really work
Wearing America in my hair.
4th of July pancake breakfast
My district doing the fierce sign
"Mormons on three" was what Jaime said when we finished a lesson with him
Me and Stephanie, our investigator's four year old daughter. we are so fab
more fab
One of my plants has a flower. 
I still don't know the best way to re pot these and I don't know what is happening to the leaves.
And there are these weird bugs on them. mom please help. what is wrong?
cow pigeon
We climbed the hill today and look how far away our car was, you can barely see it, it was almost just as bad as the Y
We climbed the hill today and look how far away our car was, you can barely see it, it was almost just as bad as the Y
The last of Nelson and Stark

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