Thursday, April 28, 2016

"This Could be Para Para Paradise"

(Written Monday, February 8, 2016)

Hello wonderful family and friends,

Coming to you live from the heart of Vegas, where the hit TV show Cops originally began is Sister Nelson, starting her last two transfers off to a great start! This place is nuts! There is always something happening out here, I can tell I'm going to have crazy stories, but I already know that this place is paradise for missionary work, the people are so humble and ready to listen and our area is so big and so high (meaning lots of apartment complexes) that we'll never run out of work to do or places to find new people, I wish there were more of me so I could go all over and be super effective.

I still feel really tired but I feel like I have the energizer bunny coursing through my veins prepping me to do really good work here! I'm ready! I got into our area on Tuesday and met my new companion Sister Faucette. She's the sweetest most nurturing person I've been companions with. She really cares about the sisters and about the work here and we'll be able to do more than we've ever done. The only sad part about this week was that she got really really sick with a horrible sinus infection that made the whole left side of her body go numb and made her teeth sore, crazy.  I've never seen it so strong like that. I was able to go out with a member a few times when we found one willing to go, but it was hard since I'm very new to the area and don't know where anything is. So this week wasn't up to what this area normally is capable of doing, but this week better be ready because we're going to blow it out of the water. "THIS ZONE IS ON FIREEEE!" heck yeah it is, I think I'm back to my old crazy self. The mission hasn't allowed me to lose that trait, but I'm using it to my advantage these days.

As I've gone throughout this week though, I've had some neat conversations with members and with Sister Faucette that have led to really ponder on gods greatest gift to us. Yes we have agency and our bodies and Christ's sacrifice for us and many other things, but the one thing that helps us get through this life and helps protect us, comfort us, helps us find truth in this confusing world and brings peace in times of trial is the Holy Ghost. What a beautiful gift that God gives the constant companionship of a member of the godhead after priesthood and baptism by immersion to anyone willing. There's a scripture in the Bible that says even the very elect will be deceived. I've always worried that could somehow happen to me, but I've learned that if we're doing all we can to have the Holy Ghost with us, we cannot fall. What a great blessing that when things become confusing I can pray, read my scriptures, attend church and build my faith daily, I can get answers that keep me on the path of making correct choices even when it's unpopular, uncommon, or hard. I'm not adequately describing what I learned, but just know that I learned how important the Holy Ghost is in my life this week and how important it will be for me to teach my kids how to have the Holy Ghost with them and how to listen to it.

I'm so happy to be in this area. I'm grateful for the gospel and for the opportunity to have the Holy Ghost with me.
I love you all, may you have a blessed week!
Sister Nelson

This is me and Sister Faucette this morning, I didn't get a chance to take any more pictures this week since she was sick but just know there will be many this next week! Love you all!

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