Friday, April 29, 2016

A Believer's Prayer

(Written Monday, April 18, 2016)

My dear family and friends,

It's been another incredible week.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary, each moment gets more special as the days seem to slip through my grasp. We keep seeing miracles over here and I know this is the work of the Lord.

It was another amazing week, so many hints seem to happen and the days seem to be too fast and all blurring together. I've been good about writing in my journal though, so that will be helpful. We had a zone conference this week where three zones got together and got trained on being more accountable to our ward leaders and also sustaining them, being obedient with our iPads and allowing the learning and habits we are forming here to change our eternities for the better and to also help our children. Our Mission President shared a movie that I want to see if I can find when I get home, it's called The Go Getter and the main character is named Billy Peck. He's a super optimist and does everything he can to go the extra mile for a company without compromising his standards or the trust of his employer. It was great and really got me thinking about how I can do my job -whatever it may be at the current time of my life- better. It was phenomenal. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to watch a movie without analyzing it for purposes of making my life better once I get home, that will be weird. But all trainings were great and we are working on applying them.

I also got to give my first of three departing testimonies, which was strange. I thought I'd be more emotional, but honestly I'm just grateful for this, I'm just in awe and can't really process it all. It's just crazy how merciful the Lord is to us. I was also given the opportunity to sing in one of our sacrament meetings and I got to sing the song "A believer's Prayer" by Sally Deford. It talks about someone who has a desire to do what the Savior has done and help the hungry and needy, to give them courage so they can stand in his place and help increase others faith in him. The chorus says, "Let me be light to the wanderer by night, compass and guide to the seeker, let thy love shine in me, teach me to be, an example of the believers." It's so pretty and I know I had angels singing it with me to convey the spirit and feeling that I have, having spent 17.5 months serving my savior, completely imperfectly, but with his grace and help to do what he needs me to do. It was a special moment for me.

I'm having so many sentimental and nostalgic moments lately, it's crazy. Being a missionary is the greatest thing, I'm so fortunate to be changed because of Him. I love you all and will see many of you soon, but until then, I go to carry my testimony to as many as will listen. Have a wonderful week and work to increase someone's faith in Christ!

Sister Nelson

Ps: Our zone vision is Connect Everyone with Christ and we were on our way to a meeting with the zone leaders, Elder Jones and Elder Serranilla and saw this and had to stop, it was a sign for a Christian church and they have our same vision, so funny haha.

PPS: This is the triple zone conference that everyone went to. It was also announced here that JEFFREY R. HOLLAND MY FAVORITE APOSTLE is coming to our mission on April 29th.....woah. Right before I go home, that will be cool!
PPpS: My eyes are still a little red, but not as itchy.. Just trying not to die in my final days.  But I made my first decisive decision ever when I had a crazy craving for fettuccine Alfredo so we got it and it was the best thing ever. So yummy.
PPPPS: I will send the clip I have of me singing to my family and they will put it on the blog for you to see. Have a good week!

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