8th Transfer Photos

Yes, I did take a photo on a selfie stick.  It was radical, I guess, and I'm doing much better now.
This is Haley, she comes out with us all the time and she took care of me!
Breathing treatment
I want one of these- this is a wine jug from Italy and it's beautiful!
We went to the temple!
We went to the temple and began to pray for opportunities to find a family prepared to receive the gospel.
Hummingbird at the temple
Hummingbird at the temple
My planner for this transfer, I love this quote.
My planner for this transfer, I love this quote.
My companion leaves me notes and chickens.
I made this pizza!
I made this pizza and I finally got to have apple beer again! It was all so tasty and delightful!
So awkward, probably the most weird thing i have seen on my mission.
Mission leadership meeting last week
Sister Redford is an STL now so I got to see her too
This car was parked in the parking lot last Pday! lulz
The Elders were dumb last Pday and go their keys stuck on top of the basketball stand. 
This picture shows their great problem solving skills.  -_-
Our cute zone!
We saw Anahi get baptized, which was a wonderful experience.  She was so happy and cried after she came out of the water because she felt the spirit so strong and was so happy.
All the young women that came to support Anahi at her baptism (and us of course, because we are cool).
This is me with cut bangs.  Sorry the picture is not better, more soon.  I'll keep smiling.  I love you all!

In exchanges this lady was doing super cute Halloween crafts,
and I knew my Mom and sister, Ashley, would both love to see them!

Can you believe this crazy kid is turning 21?  Just some lovely selfies for you because I'm still five and refuse to be a legal adult this week.
We feel so cool cause we took a selfie with Prez!
For my Birthday, I received so much joy and love from so many people and most of that love came through sweet
treats, which I am so grateful to have.

We took a few moments on a beautiful day to take some silly pictures!
Me again!
I forgot to say that the birthday package was so cute from mom!
This was birthday morning! It was such a great day!

Some of the stuff is from Gabe's family! They were so nice!
My Halloween package!
I have better pictures of this spider somewhere, but it was on our front porch one night and it was about as big as my hand and had beady eyes, it was disgusting!
For Halloween we had a trunk or treat party at the ward and I slyly dressed up like Snow White the missionary.
We got to go with Brother Nolin to do baptisms our last week there and it was so special. I haven't done baptisms as an endowed person or as a missionary so that was super cool. Their font is super tiny but everything around it is huge! It was kinda weird!
The leadership of the mission
Yes I had a cold sore, but I love Sister Haycock!
Most of the north zone on Sunday
We finally carved our pumpkins!
Me and Jack
Our Friends
The Hall family and their new baby brother, Tazion. I will miss them!
The Whitney family, I will miss them. They were so sweet
The Nessens, their daughter just left on a mission for Washington
This is Brother Fontano, our ward mission leader, before he stopped being our ward mission leader. He is the funniest guy ever and his family of course. (Except the kid in front, his name is Day Cook and he just got home from his mission).
 I'm gonna miss them a lot too!
 This is the funniest photo ever for sure. He said be awkward and here we are. I die every time I look at it.
 He's an awesome guy -he's so funny! He treats us like his daughters and he was really sad to see us go!
Sister Martin's goodbye party and the party saying goodbye to Craig Ranch.
It hailed here, it is the second coming I know it.
Saying goodbye to my bedroom!  :(

This is me last night when it was past bedtime and I didn't want to
finish packing so I was fat and ate popcorn instead.
All my luggage, I really need to downsize haha but it could be worse!

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