Thursday, April 28, 2016

These are the Forty

(Written Monday, February 15, 2016)

My awesome family and friends,

It's been a great week. I truly have seen miracles and the hand of God in my life this week. We were above the standard of excellence for our key indicators this week which means our hard work to show the Lord and God's children our love paid off. I truly feel like I'm fulfilling my calling and I'm running, time is running out. Eleven weeks to talk to everyone and give away millions of book of Mormons and testify of Christ as a representative of him. We have set a goal that there are 20 people in this area who need to get baptized before May 4th. I know they are here we just have to find them. I plan to have many stories and miracles to share in the coming weeks.  I love this area, it's so ripe and prepared to hear the gospel. The members are great and the work is moving forward.

I'd like to tell you a little more about our zone and the vision we have created together. This zone has so much potential to find the elect and bring them to the waters of baptism to help them access the atonement and receive a remission of their sins. The highest baptisms per month has been 39 but we know it's so possible to do more for the lord. We have 15 companionships in the zone so each companionship only needs three baptisms to achieve this goal and it is a righteous goal. We set the vision as "Make ready a people prepared for he knows his sheep and they are numbered" it comes from combining a scripture in the New Testament and one in the Book of Mormon. Christ knows there are sheep here that need the gospel, they have stories of hard lives and challenges that can be overcome by His sacrifice, we are keeping that in the back of our mind as we search. Anyone could be part of the forty. Missionaries in the zone are taking pictures with the people they are teaching and sharing their stories on a group we have in the zone to help us see that baptisms aren't just a number but a person with a beautiful story and it's so great to be learning about and feeling connected with these people who God sent us to touch.  We are finding many elect and prepared and I can't wait to start sharing the stories of our forty with you over the coming weeks.

I feel blessed to be serving the Lord in this area at this time, to bring as many souls until him as I can. I know God's church is on the earth once more in its fullness with the entirety of his blessings, revelation and it's priesthood, I know Christ is at the head of this church directing all the work that is moving forward. I'm grateful to see the lasting changes in people's lives. I know it works and I know this is the best way.

I hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day, cherishing your loved ones and remembering the greatest love we can feel of all, the love of God and Christ. As we move into the season of luck, remember where all luck comes from.
So much love,
Sister Nelson

PS:  We got heart attacked this week!

This is Raul, he's a florist and he's the neighbor of one of our members, he gave us free flowers for Valentine's Day and we are going to teach his family.

Our area is so celestial, Kolob exists here!
We also got to do exchanges with two of our sisters in the zone Sister Hansen and Sister Gacke.
It was a wonderful week. May this one be even better! Check the blog for more pictures!

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