Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sick Of Being Sick

(Written Monday, January 18, 2016) 

Hi Family!

I wish I had more to report this week, this will be a bit of a shorter email because somebody got sick again. (ME) But I have things that will help me not get sick again. The science of yeast and bacteria and their balance was explained to me and now I have preventative measures being taken, I shouldn't get sick anymore on my mission and be able to work CRAZY hard!

I got reunited with sister Navarro for a day when she came here on exchanges and that was really fun. She helped me get pumped and believe there was more and have lots of faith. I'm glad about that. While I was sick, I was reading a talk that I found on called The Last Sacrament Cup and it really helped me understand how important Christ's sacrifice for us was and that even if there was just one of us to suffer for and experience our pains and our sadnesses, he would do it so that he could say, I've been where you are and I know what comes next. Let me help you. Take some time to read it and think about the sacrament, it will change the way you look at it.

I love you all! I hope you have a good week! Remember how much the Lord loves you and what he's done for us. I'm glad I'm finally feeling better! Let's just pray that it stays that way!

Sister Nelson

PS: Next week, Pday is on Tuesday, so if you don't hear from me on Monday, don't freak out!
Me and Sister Navarro on exchanges when I was well.
Dave and Cat who were our investigators that we gave to the elders. We got to see them the other night.
Dave and Cat
Me and Sister Navarro when I was sick (it got bad on our exchange)
This is me and Sister George this morning to prove that I'm doing better! Have a great week!

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