11th Transfer Photos

This is me and Sister Faucette this morning, I didn't get a chance to take any more pictures this week since she was sick but just know there will be many this next week! Love you all!
We got heart attacked this week!
This is Raul, he's a florist and
he's the neighbor of one of our members
Raul gave us free flowers for Valentine's Day
and we are going to teach his family.
This is just funny, a member gave us like a billion boxes of pads that she doesn't use and gets from the government.  We didn't know what to do with them, so we gave them to our sisters along with cookies for Valentine's Day
We left a note with them that said "for when you need an extra "pad" on the back" like pat on the back, get it? It's funny right?
Our area is so celestial, Kolob exists here!
We also got to do exchanges with two of our sisters in the zone Sister Hansen and Sister Gacke.
We had Valentine's Day dinner with the Foremans, aka the
sweetest family ever!
This was the most random thing:  We met an Iranian named Matt who has lived in the US forever, he insisted upon cooking us food and it was the best curry I've ever had.  He used to be Christian and now he's Buddhist. Can we talk about the most random adventure? Iranian Buddhist lunch.... Only in Vegas.
We also threw fake snow off of our roof and then realized that it
looked like a ton of cocaine which would be pretty common here in
Vegas.  Cocaine or fake snow, the world will never know.
This is the plumber who is fixing my shower today.
Looks like one of dad's projects hahaha ;)
That awkward moment when you find...
a random guy in your shower.

This is crazy us this morning running errands. Love you all!
I think it was a combination of allergies and kind of some respiratory stuff that just made us not feel so great at the beginning of the week, but we just kept working despite it and saw lots of miracles this week!
We've also seen some great miracles with going on exchanges with our sisters. Our sisters are growing and doing so well!
he picture below is us with Blaine, it's kinda awkward, but missionaries are awkward.
I sat in it and flashed back to Grease. 
I can't wait to watch it with my Dad.
My ward mission leader races cars and this is his

We've been running all over the place celebrating Sister Faucette's 20th birthday! Technically she's only five though since she's a leap year baby.
It's been a fun day haha.
We met a family and as we talked about the great apostasy they said that it made so much sense
We have a baptism coming up this Saturday and we've got a ton of sweet kids that love when we come to teach them.
My last two planners are done, how sad. ... Also, I didn't notice that I spelled therefore wrong until someone pointed it out at church...it will forever bother me now.
Erica on her baptism day this past Saturday
Also while at church, our sweet little eight year old investigator Keyana was sitting next to me and she asked me if I'd go and share my testimony for her and so I got up to do it.
I also was able to see Tracy get baptized and got to skype in Sister George.
It was so great to see all my wonderful ward family out there, I love Boulder!
We've been going on so many temple tours, our investigators love it and it's so peaceful there.
We got fed fast food for every meal this past week, we feel awful, so next time you all feed the missionaries, just ask if they'd prefer fast food or home cooked meals because every day can feel awful.....

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