6th Transfer Photos

The rainstorm, it was totally awesome!
The rainbow over the church :)
It was raining really hard when we took this picture.
The best selfie taken ever. This depicts our friendship perfectly.
The beautiful rain on my camera
The beautiful rain on my camera
The beautiful sun rays
Sister Stark and I with Veronica
The Hernandez family
I have always wanted to take a watermelon picture like this and I finally got to with the Hernandez family and Sister Stark :)
All my prized clothes from DI.  The alien shirt is all the way on the right, don't worry, I will take a picture of me wearing it sometime soon!
The Japanese shirt i almost bought 
My new planner yay
The evolution of the planners
A purple house that I found, mom you could live here 
The first picture we ever took, trying to make a phone call
Us with a gator that we have found
Us with our chocolate strawberries
Our sweet future missionary, Isabel!
Crazy people with free slushies!
 Me and Sister Haycock this morning.  Hey Sister, Hay! 
Me and Sister Haycock right before our temple tour (looking so fresh)
The temple in the morning on the day of Jaime's baptism! We did studies there and a temple tour afterwards with the Garibay family and it was so beautiful and peaceful. I loved it!
The temple one night after a temple tour.
The Garibay Family at the temple
The Garibay Family at the temple
Big Mormon Wagon parked at the temple, hilarious!
Big Mormon Wagon parked at the temple, hilarious!
We brought Jaime lemon bars and we have this joke where we do this and say *DING* and he makes fun of us so we had to do it in a photo and here is the documentation. We put this on the back of three special programs, one for me, one for Sister Haycock and one for Jaime and it said, brought to you by your favorite sister missionaries *DING*
This was the poster for Stake Conference that happened a while back! I thought it was hilarious because it's so sassy!
If I could go out proselyting in my Alien shirt I would, but I think I would be sending the wrong message, so for now it will sit in my drawer, but man when I go home I will wear it every day!
Me shooting a bow and arrow last night. I am so intense!

Our superheros, we decided that I was Kitty Pryde and my companion is Dazzler.  We thought they were pretty cool!

These are the lovely extras that I received from my mommy today!! THANK YOU FOR THE JELLY AND THE TRAIL MIX! You are inspired! I love the recipes and everything too!
Waffle making on Jaime's porch, it doesn't get more ghetto than this.
We were going to do a Samuel the Lamanite activity with the Garibay family and so
obviously I had to test out the costume ;)
I am such an embarrassment!
The actual Samuel the Lamanite played by Jean Carlo
I had poodle hair because I slept with jumping beans in my hair and it didn't look good so I brushed it out because i didn't have time to straighten it and this is what I came up with. I guess I am just not as fabulous as my niece, Josie... dang it.
Ignore the poodle hair and just see how happy we are!
This is the Rodriguez Garibay family! Aren't they precious :) <3
This is us today, emailing like taken an hour ago! Enjoy!

I held a pet duck this week
This is how in Mexico I am right now... you don't see this anywhere else
GATO license plate meaning "cat"
4bidin at first I thought it said 4 Biden like the vice president and then i was like, of course not, this is Vegas... how special
An elder named Elder Bunch stole my camera and made me have a big head... -_- he thinks he's funny
We also had a wonderful training this week about helping our members set visions and goals for themselves.

When I uprooted my plants, it was funny so I turned it into horns.
When I uprooted my plants, it was funny so I turned it into horns.  You have to do something fun with your life.
The regeneration of sproutlings begins!
The regeneration of sproutlings begins!
This was a desert that the Garibay family gave us, Ice cream inside a cantaloupe and it had caramel on it and was so delicious.
Trying to take a selfie with Mat but he wouldn't let me, he reminds me so much of Billy. He's like my little brother out here!
Garibaldi dinner so good
This was on the back of a JW's car, I know because they turned into "The Kingdom Hall" chapel parking lot. SO FUNNY!
This is a lot prettier in person when the sun is setting I promise.
We look like aliens, how suiting for my shirt ;) We did a spa night last night and our faces feel softer than a baby's bottom
Family history with Jaime at the temple
The Payson temple, I think I want to get married here, the celestial
room is beautiful!
We also got ipads which has been one of the weirdest things of my life.  I thought the picture below was pretty clever haha. but that's just me ;)
This is part of a photo challenge that Gabe sent me. He wanted us to take a photo of companions working together so we plugged the baptismal font together haha ;)
Brother Rodriguez getting baptized (they are the Rodriguez Garibay Family, in Spanish, the women don't change their last name, but the children that are born have the fathers last name and then the mother's last name. So two last names, it's kinda confusing). It was such a great and beautiful baptism.
Eating Panda with them to celebrate. I feel like they are my family away from home. We met them there to get it and then it was so crowded so they said we could just go to their house and J.C the 8 year old was like, sisters can we ride with you! and they all got really excited and we had to tell them no because of all the rules but that when we come back they can ride in our car. They are so cute, they think we are cool and I like it! The dad raced us home and sped past us just like dad always does with other people and it was pretty funny. After we ate, JC and I looked at all the temples and he just kept saying, wow, that is so beautiful! I want to get married there! I love this family!
Us today! Hello hello! :)
our zone has this joke that as we are obedient and using the Book of Mormon, we will need a "ruler" to make more lines in the front of preach my gospel to write down all of our baptisms because they will triple. We found this at Target last week and thought it was hilarious.
The hump day package from mom (thanks by the way, it was the cutest thing ever!!!)
Hump day package!

More camel stuff! The "it's hump day sistahs" was hilarious!
This is all the cute stuff from my hump day package.
This view was a lot prettier in person! I love Vegas, I don't want to leave!
This is the De La Torre Family at the temple.
More of the DLT fam at the temple.
We closed on a good and strong note by seeing the De La Torre family get baptized.
Saying goodbye to Jackie and Veronica :(
She wasn't amused with us.

She wasn't amused with us.
This was a night where we did an activity with Veronica and her
cousins and played down by the banks. The loved it. Of course I was
the first one out.
Last Friday we had the privilege of teaching the Rodriguez-Garibay family what a family home evening is and how it can strengthen their family. We thought it would just be the family, but as you can see in the photo, literally all the neighborhood kids came over and there were like 20 of us (including Jaime who came too).

We went to the YSA family home evening in the ward and we played a game called Indio Sin Manchas (indian without scars) and if you messed up, someone had to draw on you... so sister Haycock got to draw on this kid and he was like, no skin to skin contact because you're a sister haha it was so funny!
My desk before I took it all down! I really moved in here!
More of my desk.
The bedroom before I took it all down. boo hoo!
The bedroom before I took it all down. boo hoo!

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