Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Where Love and Diabetes Meet

(Written Monday, November 2, 2015)

My dear family and friends,

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween, it was a wonderful but crazy week with so many miracles to work on closing the transfer. It is Sister Martin's last week as a missionary and therefore we must see miracles, awesome and crazy things are happening here and who knows what the transfer holds, but I only get four more, so I have to start making things really awesome. It's weird to me that I'm repeating days now and that a year ago I was in Mexico struggling my way through Spanish and now I'm nearly fluent, serving in and English congregation and 2/3rds the way done with life as a missionary. It's weird.

As for my birthday, it was wonderful, I have many more pictures on my camera but the place where we email still doesn't have Internet on the computer so eventually you will see all. I received so much joy and love from so many people and most of that love came through sweet treats which I am so grateful to have but can we just look at the picture below, I mean honestly people how are two missionaries supposed to eat all that? So lots has been given out to spread the love and joy of diabetes with the north Las Vegas area.

It was a great day though, we got to eat with one of our favorite members, Sister Avance, and she got us Panda Express (my favorite) and she got us pretty necklaces, she is so sweet! The only problem is, that morning we both woke up feeling super nauseous like we were going to throw up... I was just thinking, "Well I probably feel like most 21 year olds on their birthday, the only difference is, I didn't even have to drink to feel this way haha," but I felt better in the nighttime for some delicious Panda.

For Halloween we had a trunk or treat party at the ward and I slyly dressed up like Snow White the missionary. Perhaps that was immature or unprofessional of me, but sometimes you have to have a little fun and this is one of my favorite holidays and I dont get to do have the other things that I normally do so I felt like it was fair. As for the actual Halloween, we didn't proselyte in the evening because everyone is busy trick or treating and no one would believe we were missionaries, they would think it was a costume. So instead, we get together with all the missionaries in the mission and we do silly skits about crazy lessons we've had and then we got to watch the movie the Cokeville Miracle which is really good and about God intervening to save children in a school, I recommend it to everyone.

It's been a crazy week and here we go into the last week! I love you all, thanks for your prayers, I can't believe that it's November already! I hope you all enjoy the weather and life itself, it's a beautiful thing to be living.

Sister Alayna Nelson

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