Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas-time is Here

 (Written Monday, December 7, 2015)

Hi Family and Friends,

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (probably everywhere else in the world except here) But I hope that you all are enjoying the weather and the sights nonetheless. Boulder is still the happiest and quirkiest place on Earth.

This week wasn't quite as eventful as last week although, we are going to the Hoover Dam later today so I should have more pictures next week. But, this week, we were walking around a trailer park and stumbled upon this exhibit of handmade intricate wooden dolls depicting the Savior's birth, they had music playing and free hot chocolate and a guestbook and it was beautiful! They even had a running waterfall! It's so beautiful!

We love seeing people celebrating Christ at this time of year. Strangely many of those that do celebrate don't want us to share a Christmas message with them, but we still keep going to do the Lord's work and on our way we find dalmatian decorated fire hydrants!

My dear sweet friends, last night we were able to listen to many of the leaders in our church speak to the world about our savior and celebrating him, it brought the spirit of Christmas in so wonderfully! I love Jesus Christ, I testify that He is our Savior and He started in a manger and one day will come again to rule the Earth and all wickedness, evil, unfair and unjust things will cease. I know that Christ lives today and his birth was so miraculous. I'm grateful that He came to set an example for us and to show the way. Since it is Christmas-time, I'll be sharing videos with you again this year to help bring in the true spirit of Christmas. With this video, Wise Men still seek him, pay attention to when the narrator says that the child will not be found in a manger but he's the brother or sister we once viewed as a stranger. May we all look for opportunities to see Christ in others, to see others the way that Christ sees them, to recognize that they are our brothers and sisters and to treat them as we want to be treated. May this be a holiday season of peace rather than stress and may we not get caught up in it all, but remember what is truly important and how Christ changed the world!

I love you all, Have a wonderful week! Christmas is not too far away!
Merry Christmas,
Sister Nelson
Watch the video here:

Wise Men Still Seek Him

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