Thursday, December 17, 2015

Changes Gonna Happen!

(Written Monday December 14, 2015)

Hey y'all,

It's been a crazy week. We had the Christmas Conference together this week and "Santa" came and visited the missionaries.
We were also super sick and then we found out that my companion is being made the Sister AP, so she left on like Thursday at 4:30 and I had to hop from member to member to do missionary work, it was super stressful, but I learned a lot. I got it worked out and today I have another sister missionary with me for Pday tomorrow to get my next companion. She is a temple square missionary and will only be with me for this next 7 week transfer and then I'm probably be switching areas and my next area will be my last area and I'll "die" there.
I've met some cool people though and in the second picture, you might recognize some people from a year ago, the girl in the black shirt got baptized and she was in my first area a year ago with Sister D and I got to go see her get baptized, it was so great!
Also, Christian, our great member is leaving for his mission on Tuesday, he's gonna be great, he's going to Brazil!
Life goes on and the Christmas season is here! Also, the squad pic is us at the dam, it was so fun!
Keep spreading the message of Christ, sorry his isn't longer, more pictures will be sent next week cause I'm out of time,

Love you,
Sister Nelson

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