Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Werly Mines and Thanksgiving

(Written Monday, November 30, 2015)

Howdy Y'all from Nelson, Nevada,
I found my home; just out passed Boulder tucked away in the mountains is Nelson, Nevada, population about 30. It's literally just a trailer park and this old mine that has all kinds of old trucks, cars, and antique stuff all over it. It reminds me of home and it's so fun there.
Today that's where we visited and got to take a tour of the Mines where many movies have been filmed and other tv shows have taken place. Last week, we were in charming downtown Boulder with a bunch of antique shops and things to take pictures with. It's such a cute place here!

The work is progressing and we are seeing miracles daily. It was a bit tough teaching during Thanksgiving because it was hard to find people at home willing to listen to the message. Nevertheless, the Lord provides us with miracles each day as we follow him.

This is a short email this week because I have sent so many pictures home that will eventually be on the blog, so check that out. I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and you're enjoying your time that you have together.

I learned something simple but valuable that has changed my perspective this week "Be Happy With Today" think on that this week and tell me what you all think about it next week! I know God loves us and that his church is on the earth in it's fullest and that is something to be grateful for!
Happy December,
Sister Nelson
PS: I hit 13 months yesterday! WOW

Montgomery Family Thanksgiving
Our District in front of a plane that Hollywood blew up on the Werly Mine Property
Me at Werly Mines!

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