Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Hype Hike

(Written Monday, September 14, 2015)

My dear sweet family and friends,

This has been a wonderful week and I have learned a lot about myself and my mission. I had the privilege of going on exchanges with Sister Blanchard (she is basically a Sister AP in our mission).
We got to go to another zone's training conference and it was so creative what they did. They taught their trainings along the trail of a hike up a mountain and it was one of the most spiritual things I have done. The hike brought a lot of symbolism up in my mind for me personally and I learned a lot. We started at the base and talked about working hard and how the mission was hard. Looking up at that mountain and thinking, 'I have to climb this in a skirt and it's really hot! This will be nuts' was tough, but as I started the hike, I noticed it was so much easier to watch each step I took rather than looking straight ahead to see how much farther I needed to go.  And when I did look up occasionally, I was able to see I had traveled so far. It was hot, but Heavenly Father sent us breezes and I learned so much about how I could be a better missionary.
Now that I do lots of trainings it was nice to sit back and learn from someone else rather than having to teach others! I love learning! I wish I could explain everything that I learned on this hike, but I feel like a lot of it are things I don't know how to explain! It just gave me motivation to work harder and to see that all is possible with God! I hiked a mountain in a skirt and got burned so I have a wonderful tan and peeling forehead to go along with it, but it made me so happy that day! I did hard things and walking down the mountain was like walking down the last part of my mission! There is not much time left and it made me want to work really hard so I can run to the end and just like I was exhausted, red in the face and really sweaty, that's how I figuratively want to finish my mission! I want to give it my all with sore muscles from exercising them so hard (a stronger spirit and mind) and the desire to continue to work hard and do amazing things when I get home.
This hike was meant to pump up their zone so they called it the Hype Hike. It certainly helped me and I know I was there for that reason, to learn something from someone else that Heavenly Father needed to teach me. Where are you at on your hike, on your journey to better yourself? Find out and keep moving forward! Heavenly Father makes all things possible and loves us enough to do so! He sent his Son, which is the demonstration of the love of God and we have the chance to push ourselves and be a little better today than we were yesterday! We can do hard things!
I've seen numerous miracles this week and I honestly feel that I cheat you all out of so many stories because there is not enough time to tell them, but know that they are changing me and the only way you would be able to see and understand all the stories would be if you were serving right here beside me, so with that being said, if you want to be better and change yourself, draw closer to God and Jesus Christ and increase your faith like never before, I cannot recommend serving a mission more. God is building his army to bring the world his truth because he loves his children and you and I get to be a part of that!
I witnessed this week Bro. Nolin pass his baptismal interview and he will get baptized this weekend to complete his family so they can be sealed together! I love the gospel and the joy it brings to life! Share what makes you happy with someone this week and your joy will grow even more!

I love you all so much,
Sister Alayna Nelson

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