Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sidewalk Art, Pambosas and The Elect

(Written Monday, August 24, 2015)

Hello friends and family,

This is SISTER Nelson reporting from NORTH Las Vegas. I have had an incredible week of learning and miracles. I still am a little sad that Spanish is in hibernation (FOR NOW) and I have to teach in English but we have seen so many people ready for the gospel come our way in the street. Miracles come to those who who follow the Lord.

As leaders we have to be an example to those around us. My ability to love and plan specifically for people has increased. I feel like I'm a brand new missionary again because I feel like I don't know anything, but I love it because hopefully that means that I am humble and teachable right now. Hopefully I learn so much and change so much because this responsibility is making me realize that I still have so much I better learn before coming home.

I have a love/hate relationship with change because it stretches you. I know the stretch is good, sometimes it feels hard, but Heavenly Father won't give me (or any of us for that matter) anything we can't handle. I've had the privilege this week to get to know many prepared families that make all the hardships in missionary work worth it.
One of which is the Hall family, a family of six with a baby on the way, they will be baptized this next Saturday and their story is so humbling, inspiring and special. They have been prepared by God and I can't wait to see them get baptized.
I've met an older couple named the Baudinos and they have quickly become like my grandparents. Brother Baudino just got baptized right before I got here and he's such a happy and funny man. I hope that when I get to be celebrating my 49th anniversary like they are that I will have that much love and happiness still in my marriage. Life goals!
My companion is great, Sister Martin is from Mexico City (the motherland of my Spanish knowledge) and so sweet. She's 24 and has a degree in graphic design. She wants to work for a fashion magazine doing the front covers. She goes home in three months, so chances are I will be "killing" her ( which is missionary terminology for being someone's last companion and sending them home from their mission).
She's really great and we are having so much fun thinking of creative ways to do missionary work.  There's a big park in our area called Craig Ranch Park and last night we decided to go tag the park with the positive message that families can be together forever. We drew a couple pictures like this one and walked around talking to so many families about the importance of an eternal family.
We had so much success around the park and we got many opportunities set up to teach people. We are excited, the mission is fun. Being a sister training leader is going to be an adventure with so much growth, but I'm looking forward to it because hopefully I become such a better person!

I love you all! Thanks for all your prayers, keep praying and I'll keep praying for you. This is the greatest blessing in my life. Please visit Mormon.org if you want to learn more about how your family can be together forever and not just until death do us part. His plan is for the whole world and anyone who will listen.

Have a blessed week,
Hermana Alayna Nelson

PS: despite being in an English area, I still have had Mexican food . This is a Pambazo which I had never had before but they are super popular in Mexico and super delicious. I will make them when I come home.

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