Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Exchanges and Baptisms

 (Written Monday, August 31, 2015)

Well everyone,

Above is a summary of such a beautiful week. We had exchanges for a day with each set of sisters in the zone and it was fun to see miracles from preparing an inspired street contact the night before. With Sister Gier, we prayed about doing a street contact on family history and connecting with our ancestors. We prayed to Heavenly Father that he would give us miracles, that we would talk to people who were interested in family history. During personal study, we looked for scriptures in the Bible and Book of Mormon that we could use in street contacts and we also thought of questions we could ask people and then we went out and did it and talked to so many people and it was incredible, everyone we talked to that day was interested, and if they weren't no one was rude about it so that was cool!  I want to keep doing that and see the miracles that come from it. I also got to go learn from a teacher at institute on exchanges and that was one of the most exciting things too! I love learning, I miss college! This area is pretty cool. It's different because I'm speaking English, but I've had opportunities to use my Spanish. People are popping up everywhere for us to talk to and it's amazing what an example can do. One of my favorite quotes says "Preach the gospel always, and when necessary use words" some of the easiest things for us to start a conversation is when we help someone or compliment them sincerely. Members and missionaries are not much different, we still get scared just like members, we still have to excite ourselves to do the work sometimes and to even talk to people, but members can just start by inviting to activities, inviting to baptisms, to dinners, to do service! So much good comes from opening our mouths.

The family in the picture above got baptized this past Saturday.  They met the missionaries about two months ago because they knocked on the door during times of trials and now they have been welcomed into the Craig Ranch ward with loving arms as the newest members.  And next Saturday, the dad, Teazell gets to baptize his son on his 8 year old birthday which will be so special.

This next week I will go to my first leadership meeting as a mission and I will give my first trainings to my zone. I'm still a little nervous and stressed, but Heavenly Father put us here to stretch and grow when we think we can't.

I love the church and the miracles I have seen the gospel of Jesus Christ do for people. I know this is Christ's church in its fullness on the earth once more and I feel so privileged to be a part of God's army. Find a way to share what you know with your friends this week whether it be through inviting them to an activity, a baptism, church or to do service. I promise that if you pray for missionary experiences, Heavenly Father will give them to you.
Have a wonderful week,
Sister Alayna Nelson

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