Thursday, October 15, 2015

Come listen to a Prophet's Voice

(Written Monday, September 28, 2015)

My dear sweet family and friends,

What a marvelous thing it is to be alive and on the earth right now this very day.  We have a purpose we are called here and saved to come at this time to do a wondrous work of good and truth.   I am so happy to be a missionary at this time.  I was reminded in an email today from a very close friend of mine to think back to the first time I had a desire to serve a mission and if it was still just as fun as imagining it. I have been thinking a lot about that because sometimes we just go go go that we forget to see how far we've come and recognize who we are. It has been difficult for me to see large changes in myself, but recently, I've seen similar situations that I've been in and I always think how I'd respond and the most satisfying thing is when I think, I used to do it that way, but I would do it differently now.  I don't know if that makes sense, but I suppose all that matters is that I understand.

Some wonderful things have happened this week that have made me so happy and grateful for the knowledge that I have and also glad to be able to share it. We talked to even more people this week. As a zone, we didn't reach our goal of 2,000 but we all talked to more people than ever which makes us feel good.

This week we got to watch the primary program where the children share what songs and principles they have learned. My two favorite songs that touched my heart were "I know that my Savior Loves me" and "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ."  It was so cute because I realized how singing those songs helped me learn things at a young age and feel close to God and have helped me become who I am. They sang with such conviction that they know Jesus loves them and they know God's plan. I want to be a little kid again sometimes.

October has always been my favorite time of year with the changing colors and the crisper air and the sweaters and candles and pumpkins.  I always liked doing the primary program and getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving and as I've gotten older I've loved watching General Conference. I have fond memories watching it in pjs at home and fond memories watching it in person twice in college. As a missionary I've come to realize how special and significant and merciful it is that God gave us a prophet again today like Adam, Noah and Moses to be the mouthpiece for God to lead and guide us safely in this crazy world. He's speaking to the world this weekend and it's free and you can watch it from your home, but I encourage you to watch it. They will answer your questions, they will bring peace and joy and they will testify of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so looking forward to more guidance and I would just love to hear what you learn and how conference helped you next week!

Love you all,
Sister Alayna Nelson

PS: here's an easy link to watch general conference, get information about what it is, activities for your kids to do etc.

PPS: Sorry I don't have pictures, I tried sending them from the computer but it didn't work. Maybe next week. There weren't many anyways. I'll do better this week!
 I love this quote!

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