Tuesday, December 30, 2014


(Written Monday, December 29, 2014)

WOW! Merry Christmas!

I have had a wonderful time being a missionary during this Christmas season! So many miracles! For Christmas, I was able to do many things I feel that Christ would have done if he were here. We brought the true Christmas cheer to many in different ways. We went and sang at the hospital, we snowflaked a bunch of doors, we organized Christmas dinners for families that were planning on going without, we visited the nursing home and said hello to all our sweet friends there, we had breakfast at a members home and reenacted the nativity scene (me and my companion were wise men)! So many wonderful things happened and I went to bed filled with joy!

The Christmas season is even more special when we figure out how we can remember Christ and this is one of my favorite Christmases so far!

Also, I have always loved having a real Christmas tree in my home and the smell it brings. I was sad when I knew we wouldn't have one as missionaries this year because they are so expensive but when we were walking through a neighborhood the day after Christmas, we saw one on the side of the road and it made me so sad that Christmas was over and this perfectly good tree was going to waste, so we stuck it in the back of our car and now it is sitting peacefully in a tin in our house. I like to consider myself a friend of nature and we rescued that guy from the cold. What a great day :)

One thing that I learned just last night has increased my faith and hopefully it will increase yours. Last night, we went up to part of our area that we hadn't been to before (our area is giant and we went to the upper part and got acquainted with it) Later that evening, we were leaving another neighborhood and driving out when my companion saw someone on their balcony, it was time for us to go home, but she parked and we walked back. He wasn't there anymore and we were confused why we were directed to go there. As we were walking back to our car and giving up and questioning, a car pulled in right next to our and it happened to be a Spanish Speaking young couple who was interested in listening to more of our message. I was so grateful for the tender mercy of the Lord that I almost cried when I got in the car. We obeyed Heavenly Father because he needed us to still be there when they pulled in AND the best part was that they were just visiting someone in the apartment complex and they lived in the area we had just visited. Had we not been up there, we wouldn't have known if they were in our area or not but we were prepared because Heavenly Father loves His children.

I truly hope you all had a wonderful and merry Christmas and that you had great experiences as well. My commitment is just this: as we hit this New Year, make a goal for yourself each month. Have it be a different goal. People say I want to lose weight this year, but you can do that by saying "by the end of April I want to be better at sit ups and have lost five pounds", "for February I want to have stronger leg muscles and lose five pounds" It will help your goals be more efficient. You can even make spiritual goals to help you become more like the savior. Do this and you will see a wonderful change in your life :) I testify that he knows and loves you so much individually!
Have a happy new year! I will be drinking sparkling cider, eating panda express and reading the scriptures since we have to be in our houses by 6pm for safety reasons!
I love you all!
Happy New Year!

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