Thursday, January 8, 2015

Octopus, New Years, Temples and Miracles!

(Written Monday, January 5, 2015)

FELIZ ANO NUEVO everybody!!!!

What a great week this has been! I got free sandwiches last week from a little place called Great Harvest. It is owned by a member of the church so they feed poor missionaries for free :)

Also, I want to share with you a really great experience I had this week.  I got to go to the Las Vegas Temple this week.
It was so incredibly peaceful and beautiful besides the crazy cold weather! (I can't believe how cold it gets here in such a hot place! I have been freezing!!!) The temple is so important to the Mormon faith because it is the way that we can do work for our ancestors who have passed on. We can be baptized vicariously for them since they cannot do it for themselves and make so many other wonderful covenants with our loving heavenly father. It is the place where we can be married and sealed to our families not just "til death do us part" but even after this life so that we can live with God again. When we teach this lesson, it is called the Plan of Salvation or the Plan of Happiness from God. It was a cleansing experience for me and so special and beautiful and sacred and I am so thankful to have the house of the Lord (temples) on the earth today where we can be closer to him than any other place. I love this gospel and the hope and joy that it brings and if you are interested in learning more about your ancestors and where you came from or more about this plan, you can visit and learn more about the Plan of Happiness and you can visit which is a free (and very amazing) website to do family history on (in my opinion it's better than ancestry. I have used them both but this one is better AND free!)
After having this experience, we were able to share it as well as a Priesthood Blessing with one of our families (the Rodriguez family--Rosa, Cathy, Bryan and Mateo) and they are so excited to go to the temple and do research about their ancestors and get baptized! There are so many miracles that come from having temples all over the world. They are a refuge from all the bad things of the world and I am so grateful to have one so close and to be able to go so frequently!
As New Years has just passed, my companion and I had to be in our house by 6pm and stay for the rest of the night on New Years Eve for safety reasons. We got Panda Express and opened fortunes, tried to get caught up in our journals, drank sparkling cider and listened to beautiful church music. We also set goals for this upcoming year and how we want to change ourselves to be better followers of Jesus Christ. With this New Year, did you make any spiritual goals? I know that dieting is a common one and that requires mental and physical strength, but how do you plan to increase your spiritual strength this year? For me and my companion, we set a different goal for each month of something specific we want to be better at and you WILL be able to see the change in your life as you do this. I hope that you all will add some spiritual goals to your list, whether it be attend church more or read the scriptures for five minutes everyday and I promise you that you will see so many blessings in your life as you do these things! I hope you all have a fabulous week and that all your goals are going well so far!
Trying the octopus that Gabe sent me, right before I couldn't take it anymore and spit it all out! It was so gross, I almost threw up!
Thank you all so much for the letters and packages! They make my soul happy! I will write back very soon, there just isn't a lot of free time, but that just means that I am working hard to do what Heavenly Father needs me to do, but don't worry! I haven't forgotten any of you! Check out the blog for some other really cool pictures! I learned how to make homemade tortillas this week and I am a pro with the technique and everything! I'll be making those when I get home!

Love you all,
Sister Alayna Nelson!

This video looks like it's filmed in Indiana and it's about a dad and how he works for his kids and its beautiful and I want everyone to know that God loves them personally and wants to help them this year!

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