Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Las Vegas Bound!

Hello Friends,

My final week has finally come and tomorrow I leave to come back to the United States.
Never did I think I would say that I would be sad to leave a foreign country and come back to something that I know better, but I really am sad to say goodbye to such a beautiful place and such kind-hearted and loving people here. I have made lifelong friends with so many and I hope that I have the opportunity to come back to Mexico someday and visit all my friends here once more (especially when my Spanish is much better).
This week has definitely been a roller coaster of just a little bit of everything. Between teaching our last lessons to our teachers (pretending to be our investigators),
cleaning toilets for service,
my companion got super sick with a cold and we had to stay home for a few hours in the morning.
We had a crazy day of nothing but meetings to prepare us for the mission field and we took a ton of pictures with all our teachers and friends before saying goodbye. It has been very sad, but I know that Heavenly Father has prepared us and it is time to say goodbye to each other so that we can more fully serve the Lord.

I know that my Spanish has gotten so much better. I know it's not perfect but I can at least keep a conversation and Heavenly Father will definitely continue to help me. Saying goodbye to our teachers was probably the hardest thing because they have changed my life. But I firmly believe that I will be able to see them again. I know this email is my least detailed yet, but there just isn't much time and really if you visit the blog, there are more pictures than anything! You will enjoy seeing everything that has been this wonderful last week in the most spiritual time of my life.

My spiritual message for you all this week is to start preparing for CHRISTmas. But more importantly start preparing for Christ. I have three videos about the Christmas Season for you that have touched my life this week!

“He is the Gift” - this is the new video released this year by our church about Jesus Christ and it is beautiful.

“Wisemen still seek him” -this one is phenomenal as well.

“Christmas Spirit” -this one warmed my heart.

You can also watch more videos about Christ and Christmas at www.lds.org/christmas but the best place to go is www.mormon.org/christmas
The message that Christ has for us is so beautiful: It’s a message of hope and joy and love. Please watch these videos when you get a chance and you will be filled with the spirit of Christmas!
I hope you all know that I love you! I don’t always have time to respond to everyone personally and that makes me sad, but I hope you know that I take pictures of every letter and read them when I have time. You all are a source of strength to me so even if I don’t respond, know that I read them and they help me so much! Thank you for your support and friendship! May God bless you and keep you!
All my love,
Hermana Alayna Nelson

PS- don’t forget to check out the blog (MTC Photo-A-Day) SO MANY GOOD PICTURES THIS WEEK!

Songs that we made up in spanish (tengo hambre to the I'm so fancy song and the AguiƱiaga song we made to the Lion King song).

I am singing tonight at a devotional with the choir and we are singing "He Sent His Son" and another song in Spanish and they are beautiful.

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