Tuesday, April 14, 2015

5 Days, 8 Pounds, 1 Sickness, 4 Conference Sessions

(Written Monday, April 6, 2015)

Howdy Friends and Family,

It has been an interesting week and I wish I had something incredible to share with you, but sadly, since Tuesday afternoon, I have been incredibly sick and have had to stay home for five days. Because of this illness, I have lost 8 pounds, but I am working on regaining them, don't worry.  I've done a lot of sleeping, journal writing (to get caught up, which is the never ending goal of every missionary) and a lot of thinking about church things and reading when I wasn't too exhausted. I think I am on the upward climb out of this horrendous illness, but because of it, I have no exciting experiences to share.

But, I did manage to sit in on General Conference where we get to listen to the Prophet and apostles of the Lord share their testimonies and counsel with us about withstanding the trials and challenges of this world. It was so great and so inspiring, probably my favorite talk was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's (Ash, if you could post the talk on my Facebook and blog that would be so awesome) it talked about the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the most beautiful manner I've ever heard. Simply, I will only add my testimony to his because he says it better than I could but I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and the amazing work that he has done for me. He loves us, we need only to turn to Him!

One thing that I loved from conference is that our way to show our love is to simply be obedient to what he asks of us. So although Easter is over, remember Him and love Him by being obedient, not just this week, but for always and I know you will see beautiful changes in your life!

I love you all!
Here is to hoping that this week is much more healthy and full of miracles!

Love, Hermana Alayna Nelson

PS: These pictures are
1) to show you how scared I was that they might have to do blood work at urgent care, thankfully they didn't and
2) to show you that I'm actually doing much better now, so don't worry! Love you :)

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