Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Funerals, Dumpster Diving, 9 Hours Packing and Boats

(Written Monday, February 2, 2015)

Hello y'all!

How is everyone doing and how is everything else around the world?

This week, I feel like a champion! We did some crazy stuff that just makes me feel like I can do anything with help from Heavenly Father.

First of all, we went to Gloria's funeral. I have never been to a funeral in my life and I was really worried about this experience because I didn't know what to do or how I would feel, but I was okay, I didn't cry because I didn't know her that well, but it was so sad to see so many members of her family thinking she was gone forever and they were in pain and so sad. Our investigator Nelly was just sobbing and the words that were shared with hopeless and lifeless and it was sad. I wanted to go up and share what I know about our bodies being resurrected just like Christ's and that she is okay and learning and happy. But it wasn't my place. But I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have and the peace that it brings to know what happens and where we go after this life. I love that Heavenly Father doesn't want us to be confused.

The rest of the week brought many awesome opportunities to do crazy things, like move a family for nine hours all by ourselves.  Leticia's family moved this weekend and they weren't packed and we had members coming at six to move everything, so me and my companion literally boxed up their house for them for nine hours without taking breaks for very long (like five minutes) I FELT SO AWESOME! I don't know how we did it because the mom got tired between working so much and taking care of four kids, she just gets exhausted so she had to go lay down for an hour because it was overwhelming. But I know that we were able to do it through the enabling power of Jesus Christ. We moved heavy boxes and packed everything so when the amazing members showed up with four trucks, everything was ready to go! It was a good feeling! And somehow, we weren't tired or sore the next day. I am thankful for help to be qualified to do things that realistically aren't possible on our own.
This week we also had the crazy experience of dumpster diving for boxes to build a boat. We had a Family Home Evening activity night at the Lopez house with Leticia and her family and we told the story from 1 Nephi 18 and 19 where they built the boat and sailed to the promised land! It was so much fun! I love this FHE Idea!

We had some times that were hard this week, but so much help and blessings and we have an incredible week that lies ahead! Thank you all for your prayers and your love! Check out the blog for silly moving pictures and ugly faces of me... yay!  Have a great week everyone!

I love you
-Hermana Alayna Nelson

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