Monday, January 12, 2015

A Week of Miracles!

My goodness folks!

Another week has flown by and I have been here in Vegas for a month already! And I have almost been a missionary for 3 months, that means I am 1/6 done with my mission. This is going to fly by and I'm scared and sad! My companion hit her 1 year mark this week, meaning that she only has 6 more months left! Not a whole lot of time! WOW! We celebrated with Trader Joe's delicious meat balls and brownies :)

We had so many miracles with our stellar family who is going through a really big challenge right now but always turning to the Lord. We had Rosa the mother say a prayer and she poured out her heart to Heavenly Father sobbing and crying and the spirit was there so incredibly strong that I felt the light and comfort He brought and I'm sure if our spiritual eyes were opened, we would see the angels comforting this woman!

Another big miracle this week was that while we were on exchanges again, I stayed in our area and had to communicate with everyone in Spanish by myself because the girls who are our Sister Training Leaders are English speakers so they don't know Spanish. I was very nervous, but Heavenly Father qualified me throughout the day to understand everyone and I was amazed. People who I normally couldn't understand, I understood everything and was able to translate, I was able to have an hour long conversation with a less active member of the church who told me about a very personal and powerful experience when her father had cancer and she prayed because she couldn't take this burden and a man dressed in white appeared in her room and told her that although her father had cancer in his prostate and in his stomach and arms that he would live longer. The next time they did the scans, the cancer was completely gone. This woman's faith is amazing and I was so glad to be qualified and lifted above my capacity so that I could speak with and to her! It was beautiful.

Another very large and personal miracle happened this night as well. As we were pulling in to get to a member's house for dinner, we pulled up to the gated door and I realized I didn't have the gate code, I started to get ready to call them and ask, but Sister Mayfield, the Sister Training Leader that I was on exchanges with during the day said, no, watch this. She began to pray and said a very short prayer that the gate would be opened so that we could make our way to dinner. It was probably four seconds long and I opened my eyes and the gate was wide open. No car had passed to type in the code, and those gates are very slow to open. I started crying because the spirit was bearing witness to me that Heavenly Father is mindful of each one of us and the most small insignificant things are answered, we could have called, but I think He wanted to let us know He was there and He is mindful of each of us no matter how small a thing.

I want to bear my testimony that I know God loves each one of you and miracles happen because of our faith not the other way around. God has miracles in place for you every day and he knows you and what you need personally! I am forever grateful to my Father in Heaven for the blessings and miracles He shows me every day and that He is increasing my faith and testimony daily and I love being able to be a representative of his Son Jesus Christ for a small portion of my life.

I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!
--Sister Nelson

PS: This is the info about the pictures and as always, there are more on the blog :) the pictures here are from a blitz we did. Which means all the missionaries spend an hour and a half in one area and work for the sisters of that area. We split off with a member and we share the gospel with people on the street. It was a really cool experience! This week I have been getting really bad migraines and I'm not sure why, but my compie loves me so much that she blocked the sun from my eyes while we were driving because I am too short for the visor to do anything. I love my compie :)

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