Monday, January 19, 2015

My Name is on The List to Enter The Club

Well folks, you're finally going to get a short email from me.

This week has been great! I ended my first transfer here in the mission field (every transfer is 6 weeks) and I will be staying here in Warmsprings/Anthem area for another transfer with my trainer "mom" Sister Defreitas!

We have taught so many awesome lessons this week and brought people closer to Christ! I love seeing the miracles as a missionary! This is the Lord's work and he provides a way for it to be done daily! We had meetings this past week that encouraged us to Street Contact with everyone we see, so when we came home, we saw some teenagers outside and decided to have a chat with them, it turned out that one of them was a member who hadn't been in a while and one of them had been looking into the church and was almost baptized and he wanted to learn more now! So now we have five new people that want to learn more! I love seeing these miracles. Something I have learned this week is that the people in our path no matter if we are missionaries or not are the people that God has placed in our lives for us to influence and help and make better! How awesome is that!? We have the opportunity to be such a source of good in the world!

We just found out today that the lady we made snowflakes with, Gloria has passed away. I am sad to hear that but I know that through the plan of happiness that God has for us, we can see our families and loved ones again and be with them forever through the power and authority of God that we have in this church. If you want to learn more visit I am sad she isn't here and that I didn't get to see her one last time, but she is doing well on the other side I am sure of it.

So my commission to you all this week is to go do something you have been meaning to do whether it is visit someone or write that letter, make that phone call because someone may need you and you may be able to be that light they need! I love you all and I love my Savior and that is why I am a missionary, so that I can help others see just how much He loves them!

Have a great week y'all!

Love, Sister Nelson

Meant to tell you what The Club is! Down south in our area, everything is super ritzy and gated communities. there is one that is literally called the club and you have to be on the person's list at the front entrance to get in! There is a member family in the neighborhood so we get in, cause we are awesome and our name is on the list ;) how cool is that right?

The pictures are of my district before transfers at our last district meeting together and the other one is me and my companion on a day when we looked extra fabulous! There are more pictures on the blog of my apartment and my fun week! I hope you have time to check them out!
I love you all! See you next week!

(PS: next week is my 1/5 mark! Can you all believe it? This is flying by!)

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