Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo and Baptisms

Salutations world and Happy Mother's Day once more!

This week has been incredible, there was such a wide variety of things that happened!

We had a zone conference where we were spiritually enlightened by our leaders and learned so much.
We also were able to do our first temple tour with one of our investigators and his girlfriend who is a member that wants to relearn everything. It was so incredible to see the spirit work on both of them as we walked the grounds. Tomas, our investigator described the feeling best when he said' " it's like going on a vacation, but better because all of your problems just leave you and it's not like at the end of your vacation when you're just worried about having to jump back into to everything you were doing... you just feel a never-ending peace." He also said his first out loud prayer with us and his girlfriend, Aarika, started crying. She said she couldn't believe this was happening and that it wasn't too late and I bore testimony that it is never too late for Heavenly Father and just how much He loves her. They also each got to pick a spot on the temple to be their spot and their promise to themselves and to God to enter in one day and be married. It was very special to see how much this was changing them and I know that one day they will be able to be sealed or bound together forever in the temple and not just 'til death do us part.
Another wonderful thing about this week was that Jaime, one of our investigators came to church for the first time this week and loved how he felt and what he learned! It was incredible! I know he is very ready to accept the gospel in his life and he is a really cool guy.

We also celebrated Cinco de Mayo at one of our district meetings... so that was awesome.
But the most exciting moment from this week was being able to go to my first baptism. Gaby, Jorge and Alejandro all made the choice to be baptized and it was so special for me. I know this family will do wonderful and great things here and that this will bless their lives so much! I have grown to love this family and am so grateful for the opportunity I had to teach this family and see them progress. What made it even more special was that their 14 year old son has been reading the Book of Mormon diligently and studying and learning about the church and when the leaders were welcoming him in, he began to cry. I did so well not crying the whole time, but when I saw this, I cried too, because I knew that the spirit was touching his heart so strongly and I also remembered that from the beginning I could see him serving a mission and changing so many lives one day. I know he is realizing that now too and I am so glad! I love them so much.
I also love the gospel of Jesus Christ and how as missionaries, we are able to see it change the lives of so many people in so many different stages, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true, Jesus Christ lives and directs this church. I love Him, I serve Him and this time of my life is something I am so grateful for. It was wonderful to talk with my family yesterday and it's crazy to think I only get to do it once more at Christmastime and then I come home in April. It's going to fast, but I am doing everything I can to enjoy it!

Much Love,
Hermana Alayna Nelson

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