Thursday, March 12, 2015

A New Companion

(Written Monday, March 11, 2015)

Hello everyone!

This week's email is going to be short because there just isn't much to report!

I got my new companion this week. In the picture, my new companion sister Hutchinson is sitting behind Sister D. and Sister D's new companion is sitting behind me and her name is sister Area. It's been good to learn from another person, just really different, but I love Sister Hutchinson a lot and I am so glad to be working with and learning from her.
The only other eventful thing is that I have been incredibly sick for the past two days and I am just now up and walking but I am hanging on, this is the Lord's work and He will provide a way for us to accomplish it! I love my mission, even in sick moments.

Everyone hang in there this week and I know that because of all these trials this week, this upcoming week will be filled with miracles so I am excited to email you all next Monday!

Hermana Alayna Nelson

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