Monday, August 17, 2015

"What the Heck is a Webelo?" And Other Life Questions.

(Written Monday, July 20, 2015)

Family, Friends, Universe!

I am so privileged to be serving here in Las Vegas. I am in the best area of the mission and I wouldn't change a thing about what is happening here! Heavenly Father is blessing us so much and I feel His love every day, but more importantly, I feel His trust now, which is far better in my opinion than His love.

We have 11 people that are getting ready for baptism (they have a date set) and we've been having so many join us for church and also steadily finding new people that Heavenly Father has sent to us to teach. I know it is not by my efforts at all, it feels as though these people have simply fallen into my lap and I just get the privilege of teaching them the simple things I know to be true. This is truly an amazing thing I get to be a part of and I feel so happy going to bed exhausted every night. I am working harder than I ever have in my mission let alone my life and I LOVE IT! But the only thing I wish I had was more time. Time is going way too fast now and it's only bound to go faster. I feel like I am running after the train of time that is speeding me along saying, wait for me to catch up, this is too fast.

Two incredible things happened this week:
Jaime got baptized and we took a very ready family to the temple to teach them about how they can be a family forever.

Saturday started when I woke up from a dream where we were at Jaime's baptism and I was giving a talk on the Holy Ghost and in my dream, I was using some scriptures, so I made sure to include those scriptures in my talk. We went to do our personal study on the lawn of the temple (literally the only place in all of Las Vegas that has a giant green lawn, it reminds me of home) and it was so peaceful that morning. Afterwards, we met up with the Garibay family who are getting baptized this upcoming weekend and we did a tour. As you can see in the picture, they are such a special and wonderful family!

We took them into the courtyard and talked about eternal families and the mom grabbed all her kids into a big hug and said I want to be with them forever and I want to help my ancestors. We have to do this. She began to cry and it was such a special moment. The spirit is very strong at the temple and this family will do so many wonderful things here!

In the afternoon, I got to watch a dear friend and brother of mine get baptized and it was so special! I am so proud of Jaime and the spirit was there! He is an incredible man and I know he will do great things for the church. When he got his blessing to receive the Holy Ghost, it was straight from Heavenly Father because the things the man said were things that he didn't know about Jaime.

I know this church is true. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and I know he is proud of what we are doing.

To answer the above question, I learned what a webelo is, I never knew. A Webelo suggests an inner change or advancement of becoming better. I think that is so cool because that is what I am here to accomplish I guess, becoming a webelo in life and you are too (yep, this email just got cheesy) I love seeing these inner changes that make such bigger outer changes for us!

To close off with some other life questions, when asked what superhero would we be, we have discovered them in a book of superheros. I would be Kitty Pryde (yes with a Y) and my companion would be Dazzler. You will have to go to the blog to see our superheros, but they definitely look like us! When we asked Jaime what names he would guess we had, he obviously guessed Spanish names, so I evidently look like a Martina and my companion looks like a Sandra. Life questions answered!

I love you all have a great week!
Hermana Alayna Nelson
AKA Kitty Pryde
AKA Martina

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