Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bring The Towels!

(Written Monday, July 27, 2015)

Hello friends and family,

This week was simply incredible! We worked even harder this week and saw so many miracles from it! We hit the Standard of Excellence for bringing members with us to lessons and even exceeded it which made us feel so happy because in my whole mission I have never hit that goal.  We have many people working towards baptism and just watched a family get baptized on Saturday! The dad will shortly be following this family but the spirit was very strong for the Rodriguez-Garibay family! We watched on the side of the font as each one got baptized and watched their other family members, the mom was last and when she came out we asked how she felt and she said clean and smiled and laughed and then grabbed me and Sister Haycock into one big wet hug, but we didn't even care because we were so happy! I'm so excited because Emely will be able to go to girls’ camp on Tuesday and have so many wonderful experiences that will change her life even more! It is such a blessing from God to be able to know them. This family is incredible and will do such wonderful things!
Ignore the poodle hair and just see how happy we are!
Their blessings were beautiful as they received the Holy Ghost, each of the kids was promised to grow up strong in the church and to be wonderful teachers, serve missions and marry in the temple! I was so overjoyed! Also, Matthew, who is 15 got to get the priesthood and Jaime my other recent convert got to help give it to him, it so wonderful to see the gospel change and bless lives!

Jaime was also called as a ward missionary meaning he will come out and help us all the time! He has a wonderful testimony and he will be a great asset for us! We also hooked him on indexing for the church and he loves it! So many wonderful things are happening in the land of the happys :)

We watched the Book of Mormon touch another woman's heart as she recounted a story about reading Mosiah 4 and cried as she said she wants to be a better mother and friend and serve harder. I know the Holy Ghost touched her heart and she will be ready to be baptized soon too! I love the power that the Book of Mormon has to help us desire to be better people!

Although we are still running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we are so happy! I love the mission, I can't believe I'm already halfway, it goes too fast and it will never be enough service!

I love you all!
Have a safe and wonderful week,
Hermana Alayna Nelson

PS: This is us today, emailing like taken an hour ago! Enjoy!

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