Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Trip to Hawaii

(Written Monday, June 8, 2015)

Hello World,

Another week has passed, how, I don't know! It seriously feels like it was just P-day so I hardly took any photos this week! Sorry about that!

But I do have some exciting news! Someone is going to Hawaii! And it's not me haha Jaime, our investigator is going to Hawaii for some special military training on their base. He will be there for about a week and a half and this is why this story is cool. Jaime had a smoking problem and we hoped that wouldn't mess up teaching him, but as we taught him about God's plan of health for him and how he can receive so many blessings, he quit smoking that day and has only had one since and hasn't bought more or had more. He is doing incredible! He said that he came to realize that it was a temporary solution to his problems and that he didn't need them! It was so cool to hear! We also told him we were going to give up things with him too to help him feel like he was on a team, so I gave up naps, which I have been taking nearly every day during lunch for like the past month so it was a big deal, but I wanted to do something hard and feel how he felt and pray for help and also, I wanted to finally get caught up on my journal. Sister Stark gave up candy and sweets and we did it! I have to say, my first few days, I went through withdrawals and it was so hard, but as I prayed for strength and prayed that Jaime would have strength, it became a little easier. Towards the end of this week though, I have felt like I am coming down with some sort of cold/sore throat thing and the sudafed my mom sent me was only working a little bit. It was exhausting me to no end, so sadly, I had to break my streak and start napping during lunch to get a little extra rest and strength so we wouldn't have to take time out of doing other important things. But I rationalized that sometimes naps are healthy and necessary but that cigarettes will never be healthy or necessary, also, Sister Stark had to break hers because of dinner appointments where members give us candies and such, but it's okay, we are recommitting and the important thing is that Jaime is still going strong.

But the cool thing is that we took Jaime on a tour of the temple and he said that he just felt joyful there which was so cool to hear! He said he wanted to come back and he was going to make it a goal to get married there and do baptisms for his family members! He loved it! Then a brilliant idea popped into my head to tell him to visit the Hawaii temple while he is down there. It is only an hour away from his base and he was looking up directions and photos and getting so excited! He's not sure he will be able to go, but last night he asked us to pray with him that he would be able to go somehow! We know that Heavenly Father will make it happen somehow because it is a worthy cause!

So that was my week! Exciting things are on the horizon, it is so amazing to see the gospel change people's lives and excite them for everything that Heavenly Father has in store for them! I know this church is true! My invitation to you this week is to pick something that you rely heavily on and try to let it go for a bit and pray for help from God. I promise you that your relationship with your Heavenly Father will grow and you will be more productive!

Love, Hermana Alayna Nelson

PS: These are the only two photos I have for you this week.

This is Pepe, the one we teach that has been learning from missionaries for nearly 15 years and he bought us sombreros so that we don't have to walk in the sun, He's such a cute man.

And then of course a picture of me today so you know I am happy and alive and also because I didn't send more pictures. much love

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